Lineage II The World - Kill Old Antharas - Welcome Event Highlights

Lineage II The World - Server Introduction

Succubus Kiss

Die, Giran Player Shops, Die!

Lineage 2 - Die, Giran Player Shops, Die! from Hristo Itchov on Vimeo.

Ever felt the urge to murder all those overpriced player shops in Giran? :D YakoChan does it for you in her Mechanical Beetle!

Jinro's Olympiad Adventure

L2 Vanilla

Lineage 2 Obsession Vampire Knight Zehel

Lineage II - Fallen Angel

Hero Spectral Dancer (Legacy of Darkness)

Lineage 2 - Aquarius

L2Trouble Welcome Video

Lineage 2 Interlude - The Chaotic Throne, FULL CG

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