Become an Author

Become an Author

Write your own Lineage 2 guides and make money by selling them on my site

Are you an experienced Lineage 2 player? Are you passionate about the game and have good knowledge of a class or other gameplay aspects? Now you can write your own guides and start making money by selling them on my site.

You’ll be earning 50% of the profits for the guides that you wrote and published, via a simple system that’s described down below. Not only that, but once you publish your first guide you’ll get access to all my guides for free!

The system that I use for splitting the profit on guides is similar to the way my Affiliate Program works. For each 2 sales of your guide we’ll split the profit between ourselves. This means the first sale goes to me, the second goes to you, the third goes to me, the fourth goes to you and so on.

It’s all automated so there’s no need to do anything except count the money in your PayPal account. Speaking of PayPal, you need to have a Business or a Premier account set up, but don’t worry – both are free to register and you can also update your personal account for no cost whatsoever.

If you’re interested and want to see if you qualify to become an author for my site, please send me your inquiries at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible


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