Lineage 2 Universe Affiliate Program

Lineage 2 Universe Affiliate Program

How to make money by promoting my guides

Are you an owner of a Lineage 2 related website, blog, forum or server? Do you have any number of Lineage 2 players on your email list, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Buzz and other social networks? You can easily start making money by promoting my guides to your readers and followers right away!

Affiliate Program requirements (no need to sign up or anything like that!)

The Affiliate Program I’m offering you is very simple and easy to manage. There are just 3 simple steps you need to take before you can start earning commissions from any of my guides:

  1. Have a Premier or Business PayPal account (you can upgrade your existing one or register one; both options are free)
  2. Send visitors through your own customized link. You can see how to do that just down below

Creating your affiliate link

The way to promote any of the guides I’m selling is simple – go to the guide’s page, copy paste the URL and then add ?e=[YOUR PAYPAL ADDRESS]. So, for example, if you want to promote my Optimal Sub-Class Skills Guide and your PayPal address is, you would use the following link (notice the added bits in bold at the end):

That’s all you need to do!

Split payment process

The way the system works is – it splits sales by sending the profit sequentially to yourself and me, depending on the size of the commission. E.g. you send traffic to a guide which pays 50% commission – I receive the payment for the first guide you sold, you receive the payment for the next sale, then I get the 3rd sale profit, you get the 4th and so on.

The whole process is automated, so you don’t have to do anything except enjoy the money going instantly to your PayPal account!

Currrent commission levels

Commissions range from 50% up to 100% (no kidding), depending on the guide. The current commission percentages for my available guides are:

Link cloaking

To get better conversion rates I suggest you do some sort of link cloaking to hide your email address. The easiest way is to use the free URL shortening services of (make sure to register so you can save your links, get link tracking and other options).

A better way would be to use a redirect of some sort, if you have your own domain and host. Here’s a good video guide about how to do different link redirects (using PHP in this case):

Of course, feel free to use any form of link cloaking or redirect you want as long as it works. Just use Google search to find about different methods.

Testing your affiliate link

You can always test if your link works properly by doing the following:

  1. Visit the guide’s page through your affiliate link
  2. Click the Order/Add to Cart button to open up the PayPal checkout page
  3. Look for your PayPal address to appear at the bottom of the PayPal page as the affiliate referer

Warning: Never complete a purchase through your affiliate link or you’ll be flagged and banned in my affiliate program.

If you have any questions please send me an email at or fill out the Contact Us form here on the website.

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