Lineage 2 Attribute System Complete Explanation – Updated to Include Freya and High Five Changes!

Lineage 2 Attribute System – Complete Guide – Now Including Freya and High Five Attribute System Updates!

Elemental Attribute System Overview

Attribute Types and Opposite Elements

The attribute system is designed to provide an additional way to affect the damage output of each character in both PvP and PvE, through the use of regular and skill attacks. There are 6 attributes in total – 4 to represent the elements of nature and 2 which are called alignment attributes.

Attributes are coupled together in mutual exclusive opposites, as follows:

Fire Attribute Water Attribute
Fire Element Water Element
Earth Attribute Wind Attribute
Earth Element Wind Element
Dark Attribute Holy Attribute
Dark Element Holy Element

Attributes can affect both the attack and the defense of a character. The attribute damage dealt by an attacking character to a defending character is equal to the difference between the attacker’s attack attribute and the defener’s attribute resistance (which is the total value of defense attributes). More about this later.

Applying Attributes. Attribute Items

Apart from skills with a built-in attribute, buffs providing an increase in attack or defense attributes, and attributes received through skill enchant, you can also add attributes to your weapons and armor set pieces (excluding shields, shirts, belts, cloaks, accessories, headgears and so on). Only S-Grade and higher grade items can have attribute effects applied to them.

To do that, you need to use attribute items. There are currently two types of those items – attribute stones and attribute crystals. When you apply attribute items successfully, you increase either the attack or defense attribute value of an item. Attributes applied to weapons add to your attack attribute value and those applied to armor pieces count towards your attribute resistance values in your stats window.

Fire Stone Water Stone Earth Stone Wind Stone Dark Stone Divine Stone
Fire Attribute Stone Water Attribute Stone Earth Attribute Stone Wind Attribute Stone Dark Attribute Stone Divine Attribute Stone

Fire Crystal Water Crystal Earth Crystal Wind Crystal Dark Crystal Divine Crystal
Fire Attribute Crystal Water Attribute Crystal Earth Attribute Crystal Wind Attribute Crystal Dark Attribute Crystal Divine Attribute Crystal

To apply an attribute item simply double click it while it’s in your inventory. You can also drag it onto your toolbar and use it just like other items, such as healing potions.

Changes in the Attribute System on Freya

Until Freya, you could only apply a single attribute to an armor piece. On Freya and High Five, you can apply 3 different attributes to each armor piece, but there are some limits to this, as follows:

  • You can apply one type of attribute only once per armor piece. For instance, you can only apply Fire to one of the 3 attribute slots that are available on each armor piece.
  • You cannot apply opposite element/alignement attributes to a single armor piece. For instance, you cannot put both Fire and Water on one armor piece.

Other changes on Freya include a decrease in the overall damage bonus that attack attributes provide. For more information on this, look at the damage breakpoint graphs further down below.

Attribute values and levels

The maximum attribute value for a weapon is currently 300 and the maximum value of a single attribute on armor pieces is 120.

Attribute values are also categorized in levels, depending on the current attribute value on a weapon or armor piece. Attribute stones can increase the attribute values of weapons and armors up to level 3. Attribute crystals can increase the attribute above level 3 and up to level 6.

The increase amount for each successful use of attribute stones/crystals is 6 attribute points for weapons and 5 for armor pieces. The only exception to this is the initial attribute application to weapons that have no attribute. In that case, the first successful use of attribute stones on a weapon increases its attribute by 20.

Weapon attribute levels go as follows, with the values for each level and the number of attribute items needed to reach the next level:

Screenshot Weapon Attribute Level Attribute Value Range Number of attribute items needed to reach the next level Attribute item type
attack attribute lv1 1 0 – 25 2 Attribute Stone
attack attribute lv2 2 25 – 75 10 Attribute Stone
attack attribute lv3 3 75 – 150 15 Attribute Stone
attack attribute lv4 4 150 – 175 5 Attribute Crystal
attack attribute lv5 5 175 – 225 10 Attribute Crystal
attack attribute lv6 6 225 – 300 15 Attribute Crystal

Here’s a screenshot of a maxed out weapon’s attack attribute value: attack attribute lv7

And now for the armor piece attribute levels:

Screenshot Armor Piece Attribute Level Attribute Value Range Number of attribute items needed to reach the next level Attribute Item Type
defense attribute lv1 1 0 – 12 2 Attribute Stone
defense attribute lv2 2 12 – 30 3 Attribute Stone
defense attribute lv3 3 30-60 5 Attribute Stone
defense attribute lv4 4 60 – 72 2 Attribute Crystal
defense attribute lv5 5 72 – 90 3 Attribute Crystal
defense attribute lv6 6 90 – 120 5 Attribute Crystal

And here’s a screenshot of an armor piece with maximum resistance to a an attribute: defense attribute lv7

The total amount of attack attribute and attribute resistance given by weapons, armor pieces, accessories (i.e. RB jewelry), potions and skills can be seen in the Character Status Window (accessed by Alt+T).

Attribute Status Window

Important note: Applying attribute items to armor pieces increases resistance to the opposite element. E.g. if you use a Fire attribute stone on your Draconic Gloves, it will increase the amount of Water defense they provide while you’re wearing them.

Attribute Enchant Chance

The chance to successfully use an attribute item (stone or crystal) is not 100%. From my research and testing it seems to vary between 40% and 60%. One tip I can give is this: get a good amount of stones/crystals before enchanting your weapons/armors.

I don’t know if it’s some probability theory or just the way chance works, but if you try to use just a few stones/crystals at a time (say, 2-3), you are relying on sheer luck a lot more. If you use a decent number of stones/crystals (e.g. 15-20), in a row without pausing, the overall success rate rounds up at around 50-60% nearly all the time. It’s the same for any kind of chance-based action really.

Anyway, failing to enchant your items would not result in loss of attribute level or the destruction of your item.

Attribute Master NPC – Attribute Potions and Attribute Stones/Crystals Exchange

Attribute Master NPC

The Attribute Master NPC provides a couple of services in relation to the attribute system. There are currently two Attribute Master NPCs – in Aden outside the Blacksmith Shop and in Rune Castle Town just north of the Gatekeeper.

You can buy attribute potions for any of the 6 attribute elements from those NPCs. These potions give you a 10 minutes buff which increases the attribute resistance for the element of your choice by 30.

You can also exchange attribute stones for the same number of attribute stones of the opposite type for free, i.e. water stones for fire stones. Crystals cannot be exchanged this way though.

On High Five, you now also have the option to exchange attribute stones for attribute crystals. The rate of exchange is 5 single-type attribute stones plus 3 million Adena for 1 Crystal of the same attribute.

Lastly, the NPC gives you the option to remove an attribute from your weapon or armor piece for a small fee. This way you can apply new attribute to your items if you want to.

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Getting Attribute Stones and Attribute Crystals

Attribute stones are acquired through hunting mobs in the higher level zones around the Aden continent such as Isle of Prayer and Hellbound, as well as inside instances like the Coral Garden, Crystal Caverns and other. In High Five, you can acquire attribute stones at more hunting grounds.

Of course you can also find both stones (and crystals) on sale by player shops in towns. Based on the difficulty in getting the different types of attribute stones, the most expensive ones tend to be Earth/Wind, followed by Divine/Dark and the cheapest are usually Fire/Water stones, but this is not always the case anymore, depending on the server.

Acquiring and Crafting Attribute Crystals

Since the Freya Update, Attribute Crystals drop in various high level hunting grounds, but on pre-Freya servers they can’t be dropped from mobs and can only be acquired through crafting. The recipes for the craft can be bought from NPC Officer Tolonis in Keucereus Base located on the Gracia continent.

Each attribute element’s recipe costs 600k Adena and 200 Extracted Red Starstones. The recipes are added to your Common Craft book, so any class can learn and use them. The crafting cost for 1 attribute crystal is 20 Energy Compression Stones (ECS).

You can get ECS by going into the Seed of Destruction and Seed of Infinity when they’re open and look for NPCs called Seed Energy. There are 6 types of those spawning randomly and each type corresponds to each attribute element – Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Dark and Divine. You can easily distinguish each type by looking at the NPC’s name, for example “Seed Energy – Fire”.

To farm ECS from these NPCs you need a Collection Agathion which can be obtained by either buying a Shadow Collection Agathion (which expires after a set amount of time) from Officer Tolonis or by getting a regular Collection Agathion as a reward from the Hall of Suffering instance in the Seed of Infinity.

Here is a more detailed article on how to access the Seed of Destruction and some tips on gathering Energy Compression Stones: How To Get Attribute Crystals

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Items, Buffs and Skills Attribute Calculation Priority. Servitor Attack Attribute Inheritance

While attribute resistance is calculated in a pretty much straightforward way by simply accumulating all defense attribute values coming from items and skills, the attack attribute calculation is more involved and has some rules and restrictions.

Before we see how the final attack attribute is applied, let’s look at the different sources of attack attribute values.

Attributes of Attack Skills and Attribute Skill Enchant

Some attack skills of different classes have a built-in attribute which defines the type of damage dealt to a target.

Example: Tyrant’s Burning Fist has a Fire attribute and therefore it deals Fire damage to a target.

Other skills have no attribute and so they deal non-attribute damage. This can be modified via Skill Enchantment which gives the option to enchant many of the skills for different attribute elements.

Example: Tyrant’s Force Blaster is a non-attribute skill by default, but if enchanted for Fire, it would obtain a Fire attribute and thus deal Fire damage.

The amount of total attack attribute value which each skill contributes is equal to a combination of its default attribute (or lack of) and the level of attribute skill enchantment.

Example: Burning Fist with its default Fire attribute adds 20 Fire attack attribute points by default, while Force Blaster with its non-attribute property doesn’t add any attack attribute points.

Skill enchanting can increase the attribute of an attack skill by up to 50 points (at +30 skill enchant level). Roughly, you get an increase of 1-2 attribute points per enchant level.

Force Blaster Attribute

Example: Let’s say you enchant Burning Fist for Fire and you reach skill enchant level of +15. This is an increase of about 25 Fire attribute points and it’s added to Burning Fist‘s default which is 20 Fire attribute points. The overall Fire attack attribute of Burning Fist becomes 45.

With Force Blaster as an example and a Fire skill enchant level of +15, you add 25 Fire attribute points to the skill’s default which is 0 in this case, so you get a final Fire attack attribute of 25.

In the case where you enchant a naturally attributed skill to a different attribute than its own, the skill enchant attribute route overwrites the natural attribute.

Example: You enchant Burning Fist (which provides a default of +20 Fire attack attribute) up to +15 on the Wind Attack skill enchant route. The overall attack attribute bonus of the skill becomes +25 Wind and the natural Fire attribute is ignored completely.

Note: All attack skills with a built-in attribute have a default attack attribute value of 20.

Attack Attribute Buffing Skills and Effects

Dark Form Attribute Effect

Buff effects from skills and items (i.e. potions) which increase the attack attribute of a character play a role in the final calculation of attribute damage. An example of such a skill is the Tyrant’s Dark Form which increases the Fire attack attribute by 20 and the resistance to Fire damage by 10.

Attack Attribute Priority and Calculation

OK, so how do attack skills, buffs and weapons work together to calculate the final attack attribute you have? The answer lies in the priority which each of them has to one another:

  • Attack skills ALWAYS deal the type of attribute damage they have, whether it’s default or from skill enchanting. When their natural/default attribute and skill enchant attribute matches, the two are combined. When they don’t match, only the skill enchant attribute value is used.
  • If your weapon’s attribute matches your skill’s attribute, the values of the two are added together. E.g., a Demon Splinter fist weapon with 150 Fire attribute and Burning Fist which has default Fire attribute of 20 would result in total Fire attack attribute of 170.
  • If your weapon’s attribute does not match your attack skill’s attribute, the attribute of the weapon is ignored in the final calculation. Taking the previous example, the total Fire attack attribute would be only 20.
  • Your weapon’s attribute always takes priority during regular attacks (aka normal hits), regardless of the attack attribute a buff effect increases. E.g., Dark Form which increases Fire attack attribute by 20 would not have any effect if you use a Demon Splinter fist weapon with 150 Holy attribute during regular attacks.
  • If your attack skill attribute matches the attribute increase from a buff effect, the two are added up together, regardless of whether your weapon’s attribute is the same or not. E.g., Dark Form adds 20 Fire attack attribute, Burning Fist adds another 20 Fire attack attribute and your 150 Holy weapon is ignored, giving a total of 40 Fire attack attribute.
  • If the attack attribute of your weapon, buff effect and attack skill is the same, all 3 are added together for the final result.

Here’s a simple table to showcase all possible scenarios, using Fire and Holy attributes as examples:

Weapon Attack Attribute Attack Attribute Increase From a Buff Attack Skill Attribute Final Attack Attribute During Regular Attack Final Attack Attribute During Skill Attack
Fire +150 Fire +20 Fire +20 Weapon + Buff = 170 Fire Weapon + Buff + Skill = 190 Fire
Fire +150 Holy +20 Fire +20 Weapon only = 150 Fire (ignores Buff attribute) Weapon + Skill = 170 Fire (ignores Buff attribute)
Holy +150 Fire +20 Fire +20 Weapon only = 150 Holy (ignores Buff attribute) Buff + Skill = 40 Fire (ignores Weapon attribute)
Holy +150 Holy +20 Fire +20 Weapon + Buff = 170 Holy Skill only = 20 Fire (ignores Weapon and Buff attributes)
Fire +150 Fire +20 Non-Attribute Weapon + Buff = 170 Fire Skill only = Non-attribute (ignores Weapon and Buff attributes)

Although the basic calculation of attribute damage is the attacker’s attack attribute minus the defender’s attribute resistance, the relationship is not exactly linear and there are breakpoints where the damage increase is significant followed by plateaus without any increase in damage. See the next section for details.

Servitor Attack Attribute Inheritance

The 3 Summoner classes (Arcana Lord, Elemental Master and Spectral Master) share their weapon’s attack attribute with their servitors. At any time when a servitor is being used, it gains 80% of it’s master’s weapon’s attack attribute, while the master has the remaining 20% for him/herself.

Example: An Arcana Lord has a 300 Fire attribute weapon and has summoned Feline King. Feline King automatically gains 240 Fire attack attribute while the Arcana Lord has 60 remaining for his/her own attacks.

Servitor attack skills follow the same priority rules for attributes as player characters.

Servitors of other classes (Hell Knight, Maestro, etc.) do not gain any attributes from their masters’ weapons.

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Attribute Breakpoints

The increase in damage from attributes is dependent on the difference between the total attack attribute of the attacking character and the total defense attribute of the defending character. These totals are calculated by adding up all sources of attribute values: weapons, armor pieces, accessories, potion effects, buff effects, skills and so on.

To get the final attribute value you have to subtract the total of all defense attributes from the total of all attack attributes. The final attribute cannot go below zero.

Example 1: A regular attack with a 150 Fire attribute weapon + a buff that increases Fire attack attribute by 20 equals to 170 Fire attack attribute in total. The defender is a character that has 20 Fire resistance from a passive skill + 60 Fire resistance from an armor piece = 80 Fire resistance in total. The final attribute value is 170 – 80 = 90 Fire attribute which is then used to increase the damage dealt to the defender.

Example 2: A skill attack with a 75 Dark attribute weapon + a buff that increases Dark attack attribute by 20 equals + a Dark attribute skill which adds another 20 equals to 115 Dark attack attribute in total. The defender is a character that has 20 Dark resistance from a passive skill + 120 Dark resistance from an armor piece + 30 Dark resistance from a potion making its its Dark resistance 170 in total. The final attribute value is 115 – 170 = 0 (can’t go below zero) Dark attribute which has no effect in the calculation of damage dealt to the defender. In other words – total resistance to this particular Dark attack.

To make it easier to grasp, let’s imagine the attacked in Example 1 is the defender in Example 2 and vice versa. Here’s a table that shows the final attribute values if both characters attack each other simultaneously:

Weapon Buff Attack Skill Passive Skill Armor Potion Total Attack Attribute Total Attribute Resistance
Char 1 150 Fire 20 Fire N/A (Regular Attack) 20 Dark 120 Dark 30 Dark 170 Fire 170 Dark
Char 2 75 Dark 20 Dark 20 Dark 20 Fire 60 Fire N/A 115 Dark 80 Fire

End result: Char 1 attacks Char 2 with 170 Fire and Char 2 resists 80 Fire, which equals to 170 – 80 = 90 total Fire attack attribute. Similarly, Char 2 attacks Char 1 with 115 Dark and Char 2 resists 170 Dark, which equals to 115 – 170 = 0 total Dark attack attribute.

Once the final attack attribute is calculated, it is used to increase the damage dealt by a cerain percentage. That percentage is not linear as can be seen from various tests done by players. There are so called breakpoints and plateaus where the damage increase is either significant or non-existant.

Next we’ll see some graphs which show how the damage is increased in relation to the final attribute value calculated after taking all attack and defense attributes into account. You will get a an idea of how the positive effect of attributes on attack damage was decreased in the Freya update.

Pre-Freya Attribute System Breakpoints Graph

First let’s see how it works on servers prior to Freya, before the update of the Attribute System (click onto the image to see it in full size):

Attribute System breakpoints on pre-Freya servers

Post-Freya Attribute System Breakpoints Graph

Now let’s see how it works on Freya and High Five servers, after the update of the Attribute System (click onto the image to see it in full size):

Attribute System breakpoints on post-Freya servers

Comparative Difference Graph of Attribute System Breakpoints – Before and After Freya

Finally, let’s see the relative difference of damage increase bonus before and after the Freya update (click onto the image to see it in full size):

Attribute System breakpoints on pre-Freya servers

So basically, once you have your final attack attribute after subtracting all the attribute resistances, you can use the graphs to see what increase in damage you will deal or receive.

You can download the Excel 2007 spreadsheet that I used to create these graphs:

Download Attribute System Breakpoints (Updated) Excel Spreadsheet

If you’re interested, here are some helpful posts, articles and discussions about the attribute system’s breakpoints:

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PvE and Monsters Attributes

The way damage is decresed or increased via attributes is different in PvE compared to PvP, both before and after the Freya update. Before the update, it was possible to get close to complete resistance against monster’s attribute attacks, but after the update that resistance has its limits.

I do not have enough information to confirm what that limit is with a 100% certainty, but it appears that you cannot get past the 20% damage breakpoint, at least against most of the new high level monsters.

Most of the monsters and NPCs in Lineage 2 have different built-in attack and defense attributes (ranging from 20 to 160 as far as I know), so these are taken into account during attribute calculation in the same way as between player characters.

Many of the different monster types are vulnerable to a certain attribute while resistant to its opposite. The table below shows some of those relations between monster types and attributes, but those do not always hold true. Some monster categories have no definite attributes connected to them, so they were omitted – Magic Creatures, Animals, Beasts, Giants, Humanoids and Dragons.

There are also monsters who may have vulnerability to one attribute, but not be resistant to its opposite, as well as monsters who may not comply to the attribute resistance and weakness typically assigned to their category.

Monster Status Window

If you want to make sure, always check the monster’s actual attribute vulnerability/resistance by opening its status window.

Category Undead Demons Plants Bugs Angels Fairies Spirits
Symbol Undead Demons Plants Bugs Angels Fairies Spirits
Weak to Holy Fire Dark Opposite Element
Resists Dark Holy Wind Same Element

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Typical PvP Attack Attributes for All Classes

These are just the typical attributes seen on most servers, but don’t take them for granted. Besides.

Although some classes are limited to the attribute element they can use if they want to take advantage of a certain naturally attributed attack skill, some other classes are completely free to use whatever they want. It really depends on what your server meta is or in other words – what your opponents use on their armors.

If you spot any wrong attack attributes for a class, please let me know by posting in the comments below.


Class Attribute
Duelist Fire/Water/Earth/Wind
Dreadnought Earth
Phoenix Knight Holy
Hell Knight Dark, but can also use Fire/Water/Earth/Wind if not relying on Judgement too much
Adventurer Fire/Water/Earth/Wind
Sagittarius Fire
Archmage Fire
Soultaker Dark
Arcana lord Fire
Cardinal Holy
Hierophant Holy


Class Attribute
Eva’s Templar Water
Sword Muse Holy
Wind Rider Fire/Water/Earth/Wind
Moonlight Sentinel Wind
Mystic Muse Water
Elemental Master Water
Eva’s Saint Holy

Dark Elf

Class Attribute
Shillen Templar Wind/Dark
Spectral Dancer Holy (PvE), Earth (PvP)
Ghost Hunter Fire/Water/Earth/Wind
Ghost Sentinel Fire/Water/Earth/Wind
Storm Screamer Wind/Dark
Spectral Master Wind/Dark
Shillien Saint Holy


Class Attribute
Titan Fire
Grand Khavatari Fire
Doomcryer Fire
Dominator Fire


Class Attribute
Maestro Earth
Bounty Hunter Earth


Class Attribute
Doombringer Dark
Soul Hound Dark
Trickster Fire/Water/Wind/Earth

With the help of

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256 Responses to Lineage 2 Attribute System Complete Explanation – Updated to Include Freya and High Five Changes!

  1. arkheon says:

    Doombringers usually chose not dark but fire/water/earth/water cause they can enchant Ruch Impact and Crush of Pain on the 4 element… only one skill (Dark Smash) can be enchanted on dark.

  2. SweetyHell says:

    please 🙂 Why Eva’s Templar -> Water Atributte?… 🙂

    • Mayu says:

      Mostly to benefit from Eva’s Will attack attribute bonus (Water +20) when the skill stages go up while you’re under attack. I suppose Holy is also a good choice so you can deal more damage with Tribunal.

  3. Darkthrone says:

    Why Dominator need to have Fire Attribute? After Hellbound Chronicle Steal Essence is non-attribute attack. Burning chop/Onlsaught of paagrio/seal of flames consider to be fire attacks? Even if you cant attribute enchant them?

  4. Rob says:

    Hi. How do we know the attack attribute bonus on a weapon is being applied to a summon? I have a Spectral Master, and a weapon with dark attribute. Since I was not sure if I had to apply wind or dark, I chose dark because SM has a weak death spike. But, unlike the character´s status window where we can see the increase on the attack attribute value, on the summon control window I can´t see any change. Is it really going on the rear, and it´s a different value from the summon´s global p.atk? Or should I apply other attribute type?

    Thank you

    • Mayu says:

      Hello, look up in the article, the section called Servitor Attack Attribute Inheritance. Basically, the servitor uses up 80% of your attack attribute, leaving you with 20% for your own attacks.

      • Rob says:

        Hi. I did read it, but I was not sure since I could see the 20% on my status window but I could see no change on my summon´s window. I guess it´s just that the summon´s window need to display some more info…

      • Puls0 says:

        it works only after lvl 83 with servitor’s share

  5. Dairakros says:

    is best for a tyrant Fire?, or other , and if that tyrant fight vs 300 elemental fire (320 fire attack) the damage become so poor? (sorry for my english) or regular damage.

    • Mayu says:

      Well, GK has Dark Form which gives Fire attribute bonus and also some skills have built-in Fire attribute (i.e. Burning Fist), so you’ll be able to achieve higher overall Fire attribute attack if you put Fire on your weapon. Of course, it depends what your opponent’s attribute defense is, but yeah, IMO it’s best to stick to Fire. The only exception might be when playing on Olympiad and you don’t want people to know your attribute (they would normally assume that it’s Fire and put on armor pieces with more Fire resistance or something).

  6. Terror says:

    Hey, Im a cardinal and i was wondering if enchanting my weapon for holy is even worth it? All im doing is healing and i dont think elements even effect it? Another question is, if i enchant my weapon for Holy and i try to use Trance on a person with low Divine resistance will my chances to land the skill be increased? Im thinking it may or maya not… TY in advanced

    • Mayu says:

      Hello, the only benefit of putting attribute to your weapon is for when you are attacking (i.e. regular hits with your weapon or magic attack skills, as well as augment nuke skills). Debuffs like Trance don’t gain any bonus from attributes at all.

      Holy is good to have if you play on the Olympiad and have a holy-type augment nuke or something on your weapon. Holy is generally better than other attributes for your class because of your skills (especially in Inquisitor form) and buffs which further increase your Holy attack attribute, but you can use any other attribute really, e.g. Water if you have a Hydro Blast augment. It really depends on how you play your character.

  7. mafediz says:

    hello, in freya the resist formula changed, could you explain how it works now? (it had something to do with with “not worth wasting more than x attribute defense points because the damage reduction will not go any further”)

    TY in advance.

    • Mayu says:

      Hi, as stated in the article (look at the graphs), you can get up to 70% reduction of damage in PvP, but as for PvE, I don’t have clear numbers. There are some places where you can only reduce damage by 20% and not more, but I haven’t tested it thoroughly myself in various places. Please let me know if you get some evidence of how it works in different places.

  8. igor says:

    Spectral Dancers can also go for an earth element since their medusa skill is earth atk

    • Mayu says:

      As far as I know skills that don’t do damage don’t benefit from having the same attribute on your weapon, i.e. their land rate does not improve.

  9. GrieverFX says:

    From the table i see that Duelist can use 4 elements. Can you tell which skill have which element? I’m confuse what elements should be applied to weapon.

    • Mayu says:

      Duelist skills have no built-in attribute, so what you put on your weapon depends on a number of factors: 1) PvE or PvP 2) dual swords (for dual sword skills) or blunt weapon (for stun skills) 3) skill enchant attribute (i.e. sonic storm on Earth Attack). Basically, just put the same attribute on your weapon as the attribute you enchanted the skills you’ll use with that weapon.

      • GrieverFX says:

        Is it true using earth element on weapon will give stun effect or strengthen stun skill?

        • Mayu says:

          Nope, attributes don’t affect debuffs at all.

          • GrieverFX says:

            OK, my interest in PvE for dual sword. Any suggested element?

          • Mayu says:

            It depends where you’re going to kill really. If it’s Hellbound, you should put Holy, if it’s Stakato Nest, you should put Wind, and so on. Just check the info on the mobs where you want to kill (the little triangle button next to the their name) and notice what resistance they have (i.e. Earth resistance), then use the opposite element for your weapon. Ideally you need to have more than one weapon, each with different attribute, for different hunting zones.

  10. arpz says:

    hello, can i put attribute to my jewels? is that possible? and if i summon a cursed man, does it decreases my damage?? TY

    • Mayu says:

      No, you can’t put attribute on accessories, only armor and weapon. As for your second question, no, your damage remains the same.

  11. Noob says:

    the attribute + in pvp only effect with skills? with simple hits won’t u see any dmg changes ?

    • Mayu says:

      There’s a whole section in the article about how attributes affect the damage output, from skills, from regular hits and so on…

  12. msl says:

    Change be to earth. Affects dance of Medusa( it. Earth on retail)

    • Mayu says:

      Thanks, I did some research and you’re right, it has a built-in Earth attribute and it apparently affects the skill’s land rate. Thanks for the eye-opener. 🙂

  13. Alexander D says:

    For a Ghost Hunter what is the best atribute for his dagger? (my interes is PVP)

    • Mayu says:

      As far as I know, Ghost Hunters don’t have a skill with a built-in attribute, so you can use any you want – there isn’t a best one. It depends mostly on your server and your opponents’ attribute defense, so try to figure out which players and classes you’re attacking most often, and what their attribute resistances might be.

  14. Hellannie says:

    For Storm Screamer, interest on PvE, is it better to enchant skill to power or to element? Is the result damage is like m.atk power + skill power + element?

    • Mayu says:

      Well, it depends where you kill. In general it’s always better to enchant on attribute than on power, but if the mobs you kill have a resistance against that attribute, your damage will drop somewhat. As for the calculation of damage, it’s a bit more complex, but you can basically say it’s something like (m.atk + skill power) / (m.def), then the result is adjusted according to your attack attribute vs. the defense attribute of the monster, as is shown in the article here.

      • Hellannie says:

        So if I attack dark type mob with skill that enchant to wind, will it give more damage than enchant to power?

        • Mayu says:

          If your weapon has a Wind attack attribute and your skill is enchanted to Wind, you’ll do more damage than if it was enchanted to Power. If your weapon has another attribute, then it depends. In either case, the mob having Dark resistance won’t matter in that case. In general attribute damage is higher, as long as there is no resistance or too much resistance. Enchanting skills to Power is rarely useful, except when you have no other option to enchant them to.

          • Hellannie says:

            From the “simple table to showcase..” above, does it also apply to magic attack? Is Final Attack Attribute During Skill Attack = Final Attack Attribute During Magic Attack? Since weapon using Fire lvl 7 is Fire P.Atk. 300 does it also mean Fire M.Atk. 300?

          • Mayu says:

            Yes, attributes work the same way for magical attacks as they do for physical attacks. When your weapon’s attribute combine with the skill’s attribute and any buffs/toggles that increase that same attack attribute, you get the overall final attack attribute that is used in the damage calculation.

  15. Meyogi says:


    For exemple, if the maximum element enchant weapon is 300 (level 7 fire), having a skill attribute of 20 and that you have perhaps buffs which give +50, we obtain a total of 370. Now, if the defender has a maximum element resistance on each part of his set, i.e. 120 (level 7 water) , you get a total of 600 defense against fire.
    So end result: 370-600 = 0 total fire attack attribute.
    My question is: is it useful to up a specific element attribute resist to 600 when it is impossible for an enemy to reach 600 in element attribute attack ?
    In advance, thanks for your reply,

    • Mayu says:


      You’re right, there is not really a point achieving maximum resistance to a single attribute. In fact you can have more than 600 resistance when you add up buffs and item effects to the armor’s and cloak attributes. If we assume a maximum attribute on a weapon (300) + some self buff that increases attack attribute (e.g. 20-30) + additional buffs that increase it further (20-30 more) + attribute enchanted skill (e.g. +30), that sums up to no more than 400 attack attribute, so a resistance of about 380-390 is enough to negate almost the whole attack attribute damage bonus from that particular skill attack. Hope that helps.

      • Meyogi says:

        Ok, but also seems to me that more resistance is, less cast can be interrupt. So being at 600 will improve this point ? Or there will be no difference that 480 for exemple ?
        My apologies for bad english,
        Thanks for reply,

  16. Jinx says:

    I heard and read that in H5, since everyone can have at least 240 element resist, for PVP is better to go with +duel on skills rather then +element… and even when you don’t have +duel is better now to go for +power and +element is a no longer a good option, again only for PVP…

    • Mayu says:

      Yes, that’s been speculated a lot, but from tests and practice, it depends on the class, the skill which is being enchanted, the amount of skill enchant (i.e. +10, 20 or 30), the weapon’s attribute level (+300 or less), and of course the opponent’s resistance. For example, skills with low level power benefit very little from being enchanted on Duel, because the overall increase in their power value, even if you get the skill to +30 Duel, is minimal. What Duel really does is increase the power value of a skill by twice the amount that Power enchant increases it, and then only uses that increase in PvP combat.

      Taking the above into account, it’s more useful to enchant the high power skills (e.g. Triple Sonic Slash which has 4262 power) to your weapon’s attribute, even if some opponents might have high attribute resistance, and only switch to Duel (through the use of mastery codex) once you get it very high, i.e. above +20. As for low power skills (e.g. Sonic Buster which has only 457 power) it’s best to stick to attribute enchant, as the damage bonus is much better, especially against lower resistances of a given attribute. Power is not really useful at all IMO and is not worth bothering.

      • Michael says:

        Sorry i didnt get that part, so what you are saying is that Skills with High power e.g Triple sonic slash is better to enchant for duel ? Cause you are saying to switch if i have the chance of get my tripre sonic slash +30 duel
        For resume
        High power Skill like T.S.S. is better to enchant +30 duel or +30 Attribute
        Taking into account that you have 300 p atk att(same of the skill enchant att) and your opponet have good or high att resistance.

        Thanks you Mayu you really help me out with low power skill like Sonic Buster 🙂 , but please take out this doubt
        Im duelist and i have all my skill on Att and my patk att up to 150. But im doubt about powerfull skills like Triple sonic slash , double sonic slash and sonic blaster. Just tell me wich rute is better for this 3 skill above.

  17. Valentas says:

    Why spectral dancer pvp atributes is earh? divine pve?

    • Mayu says:

      If you read up above in comments someone said that Dance of Medusa has a built-in Earth attribute and that having Earth attribute improves its land rate, so I did some research and it turned out to be true. Divine can work in both PvE and PvP though as well I guess.

  18. Rob says:

    Hello Mayu,
    I am struggling abit with setting my HellKnights’ attribute for his weapon and would like your advice. I know his skills enchant to Dark Attribute, but with capes and 1 pc of armor attributed to resist Dark Attack + the Dark Resist bonus to Dynasty sets. It would seem, that I would be doing considerably less damage with a Dark Attribute than with a totally seperate attribute like fire. What would your suggestion be?

    • Mayu says:


      I haven’t played HK seriously, so I asked a pro HK player for advice. Apparently there is no really much point to enchant your Shield Slam and Shield Stun to an attribute all, because you’re not going to do use them to do much damage but mainly to debuff and control your opponents. Shield Slam on Chance and Stun on Reuse work much better, as that way the former lands more often and latter can be used more often.

      As for Judgement, keep in mind that it has a built-in Dark attribute, so if you use a Dark attribute weapon, you can enchant Judgement to Dark attack and deal even more damage with it. If you choose to go with another attribute on your weapon though, you can enchant Judgement on Modify Crit which would help against classes that crit a lot.

      Since your main source of dmg are your normal hits, deflect/reflect passive and active skills, and your panther, you can use any attribute you want. Dark attack attribute still works well though, combined with Judgement, but as with most Human classes, the HK is not limited to a single attribute. I may edit the suggested attribute for HK now. 🙂

      • Rob says:

        Thanks for your help, Mayu. I have already enchanted both Shield Stun and Shield Slam the suggested routes. Does your friend, the pro HK have any other suggestions? 🙂 Thanks again.

        • Mayu says:

          You’re welcome and yes, I asked her for more tips – here are her suggestions: play with a dark weap attribute, regardless of skill enchants. It just naturally fits with Judgement and not all your enemies are going to max out on Dark resistance, not to mention that unless the additional dark resistance effects from items happen to just bring the resulting attribute defense over the last breakpoint, it doesn’t really matter. With 3×120 resistances on each part, with self buffs and buffs, that’s rarely the case and people would have enough of just about every attribute maxed out. The difference is, knowing about the extra dark resistance bonuses, people usually don’t have more than 2 armor parts on 120, and focus on maximizing the rest. This means you’ll be able to benefit against some people if you use Dark and still do as much damage against the rest as with other attributes.

          As for other tips, she says that tanks should be played like ones and that means -str +dex +con, well enchanted panther and playing a control style, killing with your deflect/reflect skills and the panther, using stun, slam and horror in melee, and root and hp leech from distance. You may not deal as much dps, but you’ll simply wear the opponents down over time. Also, to support such a play style, use a Health SA 1h weap. As you can see this is the complete opposite of what many like to play (+str, focus weap), but it works great in practice, regardless whether it’s open pvp, oly or raids, so feel free to try it out.

  19. Davidoff says:

    I’m kinda confused about duelist.i got duelist on a freya server and ive been told to enchant +power or +duel cause attribute damage after gracia final sucks.i was thinking about +fire/water but im still not sure.
    Has anyone compared pvp damage with +fire/water/eartrh etc. skills and +duel?(on freya)

    • Mayu says:

      I can’t reveal the exact tips for skill enchant and attributes that are contained in my Ultimate Duelist Guide, but in short – it depends. +Power should be ignored completely as it’s simply not worth it, regardless of the situation. +Duel is preferable for skills with high power value, such as TSS, and especially if you can get the enchant up to +20 or more. As for attribute enchant, it depends on your opponent, how exactly you play your Duelist and what your weapon’s attack attribute level is, but weaker skills like Sonic Storm benefit more from attribute than Duel, because the latter applies a percentage bonus directly to the power value of the skill, so the gain is minimal.

  20. BIGLITRO says:

    Hi mayu good nights 🙂 , im playing a soul taker in a high5 server and i dont know which enhacement should i pick in my magic skills “+power” or “+dark elemental damage”, since there’s ppl with lvl9 holy in their armors so i dont know if the dark damage bonus will be significant , also is the 1st time im seriously playing a mage class so i’v never enhanced a magic skill +power before so i dont know if the power is also greatly increased. Srry for my bad english xD.

    Btw ur guides are awesome , good work +10 to u ;D

    • Mayu says:

      Hi there and thanks for your kind words. 🙂 Lv9 attributes? It would depend how your server’s coded to use the jewels that provide such high attributes, because normally they’re not used in the game and neither retail, nor retail-like private servers use them. So, assuming the Lv9 attributes are coded to work in the same manner as maximum lv7 attributes are on other servers, the same tips would apply.

      Specifically for mage classes (which I haven’t really played) in my opinion you always benefit more by enchanting to the natural attribute of your high level skills that on +Power, so for a Necro that would be Dark. Even for those skills that don’t have a built-in attribute, you should probably enchant them to Dark, just to benefit from your weapon’s attack attribute. With full buffs, you should still be able to get some attribute damage bonus, especially vs. opponents that haven’t increased their Dark resistance too much.

      • BIGLITRO says:

        umm thx a lot for the info ^^ , well in my server lvl 9 elemental power on armors is 180 , i still dont know about lvl 9 weps so i would like to know if dark element on wep affect the power of my dark magics cuz elemental stones are very expensive and i would like avoid spending too much money in something that wont do any effect.

        Thx 😀

        • Mayu says:

          I see, yes, it would depend whether you can get weapon attributes to Lv9 as well or not. As for your question, yeah, the Dark attribute on your weapon adds up to your Dark attribute magic skills in the same way they do for physical skills, as described up in the article, so you get an overall boost of power from the combined attribute, but of course that boost depends on the opponent’s level of resistance against the same attribute. It won’t hurt to have a Dark attribute on your weapon anyway, unless you have the option to enchant your magic attack skills to other attributes, so you need to check that and then decide. I’m sorry I can’t help more, but I haven’t played a high level Necro, so I don’t know its skill enchant routes.

  21. Michaelangeöp says:

    Hi, your topic is really interesting and helps a lot! I had to play from Final Cronicle and this really completely messed me up! So, I have two questions.

    1. I have a Spectral Master and I thought it would be good idea to put for pve Holy Stones (especially because in the future I want to farm catas). I am also thinking that most of the server have also dark resists anyway! What you think of that? What you would suggest? (I see you have really good knowledge in attribute subject)

    The problem here is… that till now that I am in normal monsters (have not been in cata), with lvl 4 holy, with and without the AM equiped (so it would not have the bonus attribute) I have seen no difference in damage! Should it be lvl 7 to see the differense, if server’s fault, or is there something else? Should it make anyway more damage the pet?

    I am very confused as I already spent lots of money for lvl 4 and if it will be much more for lvl 7, so I would quit before it is too late

    • Mayu says:

      Hello and thanks for your compliment! 🙂 For catas/necros you have to keep in mind that some of the mobs are actually angels are thus have resistance to Holy attribute, but overall it’s a good attribute to use for there (I use it myself on polearm with Warlord).

      Another thing is (and it’s the reason you don’t see much of a difference in the damage you do yourself) is that 80% of the attribute bonus is transfered to your servitor so you’re only left with 20%, which honestly doesn’t make any difference when you consider that most monsters have at least basic attribute resistance and totally negate your attribute bonus. So unless you use your servitor to attack or you don’t summon it at all and nuke on your own, you’ll need to go higher than Lv4 to see a difference.

      It really depends how you play your Spectral Master and since I don’t have experience with that class, I’ll need more information to give you a more specific advice.

      • Michaelangeöp says:

        Hi, sorry for answering so late. About the damage, I meant about the servitor and not my skills! There is not at all difference at servitor’s damage unfortunately and I am completely confuse about what attribute I should use even at main weapon for pvps and normal farming!

        • Mayu says:

          Hi, well, as mentioned in my article, the servitor gets 80% of its master’s weapon attack attribute, so for instance if you have a weapon with 300 Dark attribute, your servitor will use 240 and you’ll be left with 60 for yourself. The thing is though, unless your servitor’s attack attribute (240 Dark in the example, not counting any buffs) matches its attack skill (i.e. some Dark element nuke) attribute, you won’t benefit from that bonus at all and it will be only the skill attribute which is going to be used for the damage calculation.

          Now, if it doesn’t work like that on your server, then it’s probably not coded properly (or at all), because it has worked like that even before Gracia Final (which is the chronicle your server uses, right?). Here’s from the patch notes for Gracia Final:

          “The defense attribute of a summoner will be applied to both the summoner and the servitor. With regard to the attack attribute value, 20% is still applied to the summoner and 80% is still applied to the servitor. This has not changed.”

          • Michaelangeöp says:

            Actually no, the cronicle of my server is High 5! I know about the 80% goes to servitor, that is why I was expecting it to make some damage more…

  22. efik says:

    Why Maestro need to have Earth Attribute? Maestro cannot enchant spoil (earth vurneability). Only one skill can enchant only earth path. Earthquake, but Polearm not main weapon for Maestro. Stun skill is better enchant for chance.

    • Mayu says:

      Hm, yes, you’re right about the Maestro, I guess I simply put it into one category with Fortune Seeker without thinking about that. 🙂

  23. Michael says:

    Hi Mayu, Now in freya I play with duelist and i had my skill to Duel, than i changed it to Attribute earth wich i have in my dual sword , For pvp exactly is worth it to put an attribute enchant on skill ??
    In olys Duel or Attribute??

    • Mayu says:

      Please read through the previous comments, this question has already been asked and answered.

      • Michael says:

        Hi Mayu is me again 🙂

        Thanx i read the comments and i found my answer but i get no so clear about 3 skills: Triple sonic slash, double sonic slash and sonic blaster.

        Can you tell me any tip to get my duelist really powerfull and get all his potential focusing on PVP (olympiad) or have a pro duelist friend to ask him :D. I need some advice about enchant this 5 skill : Triple sonic slash, double sonic slash, sonic blaster, sonic storm and sonic buster. as far as i had read low power skill is better to enchant for attribute.

        Thanx in advice and congratulation for your work and disposition in answering the questions

        • Mayu says:

          Hi, Michael, glad you could find useful information from the article and comments. My idea was that with strong skills like TSS and DSS, they benefit a lot more by enchanting them to Duel when you go beyond +20, because each level of Duel enchantment increases the Power of a skill by a fixed percentage. That means you’ll see a substantial increase in Power for something like TSS and very little increase for something like Sonic Buster. Attribute enchant on the other hand doesn’t simply add to the Power value of a skill, so a weaker skill seems to benefit more from that, as long as the opponent doesn’t have full resist against that attribute.

          As for Sonic Blaster, you could either put it on Duel as well, especially for Oly, or you can enchant it to the attribute of your blunt weapon with which you stun, because Sonic Blaster can be used with 1h/2h blunt weapons as well, not just dual swords. The latter is a good tactic for open PvP, but it really is up to the player what to choose, depending on the server and opponents.

          Hope that helps. 🙂

  24. Sowah says:

    Don’t gladiators use holy? (didnt have time to read all comments)

    ty in advance

    • Mayu says:

      Well you can’t enchant a gladi’s skills to Holy, but it’s an option if you enchant all your attacks skills on Duel and thus rely on your weapon’s Holy attribute for normal hit attacks only (i.e. in PvE). It’s not something I would personally do though, unless I’m strictly focusing on PvE for a long period of time and don’t engage into PvP, or if I have a second weapon that’s only used in PvE.

  25. Pileto says:

    Hi its seems you know aloott aboyt that soo my Q is i’m a tyrant and i play on H5 on server that elementals go +9(for wep 300dmg for amor dunno) i’m with the last armor s84 with +0 elemtals on them and if i go full buffed I get 150-250 resist to all elemtals soo with what i enchant my skills (i know only for stuns more chance to stun)
    PS:sryy for my bad english and spelling

    • Pileto says:

      yee For armors are 180 on elental

      • Mayu says:

        Hello, well if everyone has full lv9 resistances on their armor and always run in full buffs, and I suppose you mean open PvP and not Oly for example, then you should enchant your attack skills (except your stun) to Duel, especially if you can enchant them very high above +20. Keep in mind some skills have a built-in Fire element (i.e. Burning Fists) and you also have the Dark Form self-buff as well, so it’s OK to enchant them to Fire attribute, at least for Oly, but for open PvP it doesn’t really matter much as you’ll be using mostly your primary attacks (storm/buster and blaster/hurricane assault) to deal damage. The problem with enchanting Buster and Storm to Duel is they gain very little in terms of power, so if there’s any chance any of your opponents may not have full resistance to Fire, go ahead and put them to that element (and obviously your weapon as well).

        Hope that helps.

        • Pileto says:

          for the wep i will do if 9lvl fire 100% to make it other is dumb
          the max enchant of skill is +30 but take time to make it
          i will do oly but when i get all i want from olyy then is only open pvp how about i enchant the skills with built-in Fire element to fire and other to dual?
          for sad on that server there is alot of tyrants and ss and most people put water and fires resist(not on same part)
          btw you help aloottt dunno how you get all this informations and not forget a bit

  26. Gianfranco says:

    I have a question. I’m a dagger playing gracia final server and i have a dagger with +300 attr and +30 skills on the same attr as my dagger… btw i’m an adventurer… anyway i was wondering if i change my dagger to +300 holy attr and put my skills on +30 duel, would i deal the 9k of the skills + the holy attr on dagger? or just deal the 9k? and holy attr will be ignored. To resume, is it worth changing my attr to holy and skills to duel? so that i can make more damage? cause nobody on server has holy resistance. Ty in advance

    • Mayu says:

      If you have holy attribute on your dagger and skills on Duel, the weapon’s attribute won’t be used at all into the calculation of damage done by your skills, so yes, the Holy attribute will be ignored. As for is it worth doing it, if most your enemies/opponents have full resists and since you have +30 skills (though changing route will lower that to 27-29), I think it should work OK yes, but the only time your Holy attribute will matter is when you attack them with normal hits, not with skills.

      • Gianfranco says:

        the power of the skills +30 duel is 9.5k added to p.attack meaning i would hit something like 10k but if the other guy has 3k of pdef then how is the damage result?

        • Mayu says:

          Well the calculation involves a lot of factors, so I can’t really answer that, but if you compare the skill’s default power value (you can check it at to the power value it has on +30, you can roughly see how much increase that is in % and the damage increase would be by about the same percentage.

  27. Pileto says:

    hello again beacuse i see somewhere to say:
    enchant skill only time on elemntal dmg so it go for +1 elemtal dmg and then the other +29 go for duel
    is that trye??i mean is it work? i have duel + 25982 power and +my wep elemtal dmg? or the biggest of the 2 hit(i mean if fire dmg do more than dual then is fire dmg and if the dual do more dmg than fire then its a dual dmg)

    • Mayu says:

      Yes, that’s because attribute enchant is different, it simply adds on top of your attack attribute. For instance, 300 weapon attribute and a +20 Fire skill would produce a 320 overall attack attribute when you use that skill. The physical skill power value on the other hand is added to your P. Atk., though not always just a simple addition, depends on the skill. Once the attack is compared against the target’s defense (along with some other modifiers), the attribute attack vs. attribute defense is calculated and it affects the end damage result, as described in the article here. With skills, that’s only true if the skill has the same attribute as your weapon’s, otherwise attribute calculation is ignored.

      So about your question – yes, if the skill is enchanted on Duel and it has no built-in attribute, it won’t gain any attribute/element damage bonuses, regardless of what attribute you have on your weapon. It’s a bit confusing at first, but once you get the basics it’s easy to figure it out, so hope this explanation helped.

  28. thomas says:

    i have dominatero and trickster and i dont know what atribute need in weapons …

    • Mayu says:

      For Dominators I know they have a couple of Fire based attacks and debuffs, so having Fire would make most sense, especially since I believe some debuffs’ land rate is affected by the attribute. As for Trickster, I’m not really sure. Kamaels are usually Dark attribute, but with the exception of Soul Hounds, it’s OK to use other attributes as well.

      • Pileto says:

        okey meybe beacuse mny english suxs i not get it so much i mean
        can i enchant my skill +1 elemtal +29duel
        just say yes or no
        btwww you are awesome

        • Mayu says:

          Not sure I’m understanding, are you asking if you can enchant your skill for both +1 element and +29 duel at the same time? You have to choose one of the two, you can’t have both, so it’s either attribute enchant or Duel enchant.

  29. Pileto says:

    yes that what i mean beacuse i see someone say that thxx

  30. biters says:

    hi, what happends when ur opponents elemental att is higher than ur weap (for example i have my weap with 300 dark.. and my oponenets have 450-500 dark)
    im a necro, and in this case is not better enchant my skills in power? (in the case of vampiric claw i have it in sap)

    • Mayu says:

      Hello, when your opponent’s defense attribute compensates for your attack attribute completely, you don’t receive any bonus damage from attributes at all. Consider that it is your weapon’s attribute + your skill attribute which is used though (i.e. 300 + 30). If all your opponents have high Dark defense and if none of your skills improve their land rate with attribute enchant (there are some skills that gain such bonus), then yes, you can try to enchant them on another route.

  31. Tim says:

    Hi Mayu I play SpS and I want it to ask u if u know any site I can check the default exact attribute values of all my spells a SpS can have up to 320 water attribute with “Seed of Water” so I want to check how high this go if we add the default skill attribute + attribute enchant of skill, thx in advance for help 🙂

    • Mayu says:

      Hi, Tim, I can tell you right away that all skills which have a built-in attribute have 20 attribute points on it and can go up to 50 when enchanted to the maximum (+30 for 2nd prof skills and +15 for 3rd). As for which skills have Water attribute on SPS, they point that out in their description. For instance, Hydro Blast, Aqua Splash, Ice Vortex, Frost Bolt and so on, they all say “Water damage” or something similar.

      So, yeah, with 300 attribute weapon, 20 from Seed of Water and 50 from a maximum Water route enchanted skill, you will get an overall Water attack attribute of 370 when you use that skill.

      • Tim says:

        thx a lot for the fast answer, now u know what I am thinking 3 armor parts with 120 attribute resist means 360 so all my bonus dmg gone and when some1 see a mage in Oly he know exactly what attribute he have in his wpn so he can prepare his self changing armor parts and get this 360 resist he needs to negate my bonus dmg completely, so is it worth it to enchant my skills for +water? Seriously I dont know pre-freya was not like this now every armor parts can have up to 3 different resist so every1 have resist to everything this resist thing go too far what’s the point to have resist in our wpns (in PvP) from now on? ~.~

        • Mayu says:

          Well, it depends on the server. If it’s easy for people to get maximum attribute resistance on their armor sets and you’re sure ALL of your opponents have 360 Water attribute defense, then you won’t gain a bonus, but you’re not going to lose your basic damage either. You can, in that case, enchant your skills to a different route. Although I’m not sure, there may be some buffs or items which give additional Water attack attribute, but for Olympiad in particular it is as you said.

          • zcryer says:

            than is better enchant my skills +power for oly ?

            all have full attribute for mage 🙁

          • Tim says:

            There is something I am thinking that can help huge 🙂
            “Surrender to Water” Enchanted for “Water Weakness” u say that my water attribute dmg can go up to 370 MAX StW reduce 20 water resist and -2 for +1 enchant can u tell me the total water resist a +30 StW “Water Weakness” reduce? thx again for the fast replys u r gr8 help 🙂

          • Mayu says:

            Yes, Surrender to Water helps obviously, but from what I can see it doesn’t reduce the target’s water resistance by more than 20, even if you enchant it to +30.

          • Tim says:

            Yeah I check it already and it seems they have change it, it wasn’t like this a few years back anyway I want to ask u something last u might know something to help me figure out what’s the best option, “Throne of Ice” have options for Power and Water Atk and I am thinking what’s the point to enchant it for water atk when its a DoT spell that make standard dmg every sec? at least if I enchant it for Power u can improve the dmg from 173 to 201/sec does attribute resist or M.Def reduce DoT elemental dmg?

          • Mayu says:

            Yes, but enchanting it for Water Attack increases its initial damage that it does when it hits the target, again up to +50 attribute. I’m not sure if the attribute applies to the DoT effect though, probably not, but in any case, if you want to do more damage from the initial hit, you can go either way just like your other nukes. Being a weaker spell I would dare say the attribute bonus might work better than Power.

          • Tim says:

            I make a test in Colosseum I hit an alt char with throne of Ice (me 170 Water Attribute) when he have around 250 Water Resist the first hit was 173 as the description say after that I remove armor/buffs and hit him again when he have 20 water resist the dmg was exactly the same although the spell have water default attribute it didn’t get any bonus dmg from my 170 water wpn so I am still wonder why to enchant it for “Water Attack” I didn’t see the slightest difference with or without resist, anyway the server is not retail so maybe there is some difference on Official servers no idea.

  32. lover l2 says:

    if my weapon 300 fire .. and some 1 have 300 fire in has armor … and other have maximum attribute resistance

    both have same dameg ?

    (without buffs and enchant skill)

    sorry for my english lolz

    • Mayu says:

      As you can see on the graphs, once the difference between attack and defense attributes is negated, there is no damage bonus from attributes and you do your skill’s normal damage. So if you expect all your opponents to have full resists against your attribute level (weap + skill + buffs + items), then yes, there’s no point enchanting the skill for attribute.

  33. Dohko says:

    Hi Mayu.
    What do you think is the best route to enchant Soultaker skills, as far as i’ve read Necros skills are based on dark. Basically Death spike, vampiric and Vortex.
    One more, wich skills worth to enchant ?


    • Mayu says:

      Hi Dohko, I have not played a Soultaker much, but yes, his skills are Dark based, at least some. The Soultaker is not a pure nuker, so you will benefit from enchanting your debuffs on Chance so they land more often, though some of them might have other more useful routes, I’m not really knowledgeable on that, so you better check. As for your nuke skills, if your server doesn’t have many characters on full resists, you can enchant on Dark attribute, otherwise on some of the other enchant routes.

  34. mauri says:

    Hi, just one question.. the armor need be enchanted with the same element or can i enchant the diferents parts with diferents elements? I mean for example:
    IC helmet: fire
    IC upper and lower: holy
    IC gloves and boots: earth
    can i do it?


    • Mayu says:

      Hi, yes you can put different attributes to your armor parts.

      • mauri says:

        nice but in your experience what is better? armor full element or different attributes?

        • Mayu says:

          Well, for your main armor it’s best to have mixed different attributes, with the highest attributes set against the attack attribute of classes which you have most trouble with. You don’t really need more than 3 armor parts with the same attribute, as that just about covers the maximum attribute damage bonus anyone who attacks you can get from skill enchant, weapon attribute and buffs.

          The only time you may want to specialize in a single attribute or two attributes is at the Olympiad, by switching to armor parts with different attributes depending on who your opponent is. Another similar scenario might be in PvE, to maximize your defense.

  35. Hioui says:

    Goodevening, I play a GH 85 lvl with all skills enchanted on +30+15 including Deadly,Backstab,Lethal Blow enchanted on Duel. At the moment i play with Dual Skull PvP Daggers +300 divine. I know that I don’t gain any extra dmg by the 300 enchant, but i still have some questions..

    If i start again to play with CD dagger, let’s say a Skull CD, what attribute should i choose? should i get an elemental one and change my skills back to element from duel or a Skull Dagger CD with 0 attribute gonna have same or more damage than a Skull Dagger CD +300 earth with earth skills??
    What i want to know is if – Skills on Duel and +0 attribute on weapon is Better or Not with a setup like Elemental Slkills +300 on weapon. Always i talk about skills and not normal hits.

    • Mayu says:

      Hello, it all depends on your target’s defense attribute. Even if you have a +300 Earth dagger and your skills are enchanted to +30/15 Earth Attack (which makes them add +50 Earth attack attribute), most or all of the attribute damage bonus would be negated if your target has 300 or more attribute defense (i.e. from armor, rune passives and buffs/potions). In that case, it’s better to rely on Duel skill enchant. So as you can see, it really depends on your server and your enemies. Usually on Oly it’s best to use Duel while in open PvP attribute skill enchant may work better, as not everyone would have maximum attribute defense, unless it’s a higher rate server.

  36. Hioui says:

    Well, most of the people still have their sets to 60 on earth,wind and the rest attributes that in order to go higher u need to burn yourself in SoD to collect ECS but still… day by day they upgrading . So considering my skills and only them, if i make a CD Dagger having it to +0 will give same dmg as +300?

    • Mayu says:

      Just use the basic math to get a rough idea: your overall attack attribute – target’s overall defense attribute = final attribute damage bonus. So if you have a +300 dagger and skills enchanted on attribute attack, and your target has only 60 defense attribute to the same element (let’s say Earth), then obviously you’re going to deal a lot more damage. As it’s capped to maximum of 70% damage bonus on Freya/High Five (as you can see in the charts in the article), you’ll probably reach that 70% bonus. So it all depends on your overall attack attribute and your target’s overall defense attribute.

  37. Luka says:

    Hi Guys, can tell me about Ghost hunter Secrets or.. I mean some usefull actions to have crit or what Dye is good for Gh 🙂 which is good Con or Dex or Str …etc.. pls tell me I will be thanksfull to u 🙂 [thanks]

  38. ARM says:

    Hello Mayu and thanx for the great info you provide. I play ghost sentinel in GoD server and would like to ask you what type of attribute to put on my bow? Im a bit confused. Thank you one more time!

    • Mayu says:

      I haven’t played GoD yet, but if it has the same attribute system as H5, then it depends on whether you enchant your attack skills for attribute attack or not. If you enchant them for attribute, then put the same attribute on your weapon, otherwise it doesn’t really matter because it would only count for your normal shot attacks. If that’s the case and you still do some PvE, you could put an attribute that would help you against the mobs you hunt, i.e. Divine against Dark attribute monsters.

  39. Christiansen says:

    Well I dont understand something here, i’m arcana lord and I’m thinking to get solar flare as augment and to put elemental for that. But I see there that arcana lord can use only fire. I dont really understand…i can only use fire on weapon? what happens if I use something different?

    • Mayu says:

      No, you can use any attribute you want, I don’t see why you think you can only use Fire. The attributes in the class table are only suggestions, nothing more. As long as your attack skill’s attribute matches the attribute of your weapon, the two would be combined to produce an overall attribute damage bonus.

  40. rednation says:

    hello i’m playing GH in High rate Freya server with lvl 9 attributes.My question is when i have lvl 9 weapon is better to enchant my skills +element or leave it +duel.And i have one more question to you Mayu,Is str have influnces on mortals dmg in freya and h5 . Also sorry for pooor english :{

    • Mayu says:

      Hi, if most players on your server are running full lv9 attribute armors, then you may benefit more by enchanting to Duel, although low damage dealing skills in general don’t gain much of a bonus from the Duel route, but I guess a GH doesn’t have low damage dealing skills at all. 🙂 STR influences skill critical rate, disarm resistance, the chance to trigger Skill Mastery and in particular for dagger classes, I’m not 100% sure at the moment because I have to check, but I think they affect the rate of lethal blows. Your english is fine.

  41. rednation says:

    i play for first time with GH and i’m very interesting in this guide i will be happy if you help me with the basics which i have to know about this class.Thanks p.s i know GH gives the biggest dmg from daggers and some ppl advise me to play without any dyes.What can you say about that ? .Thank you and sorry i’m very boring 😀

  42. Sato says:

    Hello I would like to know where to drop, or do the elemental quest to level 9 ?
    EX: holy jewel, jewel wind, earth jewel, jewel fire, water and dark jewel jewel
    Thank you ^ ^

  43. ds4h says:

    Let’s say I am hitting a chimera of darkness with a weapon that has a 150 wind attribute on it. Do I still get a damage bonus from attri, or is it completely ignored (since mob’s opposite is holy, and I’m hitting it with wind) and I do just a base weapon damage, as if I had no attribute on it?

    • Mayu says:

      To get a damage bonus from your attack attribute, it has to be higher than the monster’s opposite defense attribute. For instance, you hit with 150 Wind attack attribute and the monster has 80 Earth defense attribute (which gives it 80 resistance against Wind attacks), then you get a 70 Wind attribute attack bonus at the end. Then you can check at the graph how much % in damage increase you’ll get.
      Even though monsters have only 1 attribute specified as their strength or weakness, they actually have resistance against all other attributes as well, it’s just not mentioned. Usually all other attributes of the monster apart from the one mentioned as its weakness/strength have lower numbers. For example, if a monster says that it is resistant to holy attacks and we assume that it has 150 Dark defense, it would have about 120 attribute defense for all other attributes.

  44. Morga says:

    Hy .. atm i dont have any question… I just want to say to Mayu : GG and it will be better if other people like u will tell more about their knolige of Lineage. Becouse whit all this shit that L2 becouse is hard to understant everything…
    So … Thank u mayu one more time !
    Regards Morga

  45. Seno says:

    Why do Warlords use mainly Earth Attribute?

  46. Danni says:

    Hi Mayu, im Shillien Templar on Freya and soon we go GoD. What attr should i use? Thanks 🙂

    • Mayu says:

      Hi Danni, I don’t know about GoD, I assume it will be the same until Awakening at 85, but a ST has basically two choices – Wind and Dark. Wind works best with Shield Bash enchanted to reduce resistance to Wind attacks and with Spirit of Shillen bonus of 20 Wind attack attribute, while Dark works well with Judgment enchanted to Dark attack. Personally when I played a ST I used Wind and it worked well. There’s too much resistance against Dark attacks in the game, so it’s not so useful to enchant to that.

  47. papais says:

    can we put attribute stones on rb jewles????plz answer me ^_^

    • Mayu says:

      No, you can’t put attributes on any jewelry, regardless whether it’s RB or not, although I’m not sure if that’s the case in Goddess of Destruction.

      • Jaros says:

        Hey, I have a queestion.

        Lets say, i have a duelist char and am having attribute 150 holy in dual swords. Does the damage by sonic rage,triple sonic slash and so on gonna increase?

        I know it might be better to get earth attribute and earth ench for skills,but thats lot more expensive.

        Thank you for answer

        • Mayu says:

          Nope, because skills attribute take priority when attribute damage is calculated and if your skills don’t have the same attribute as your weapon, your weapon’s attribute is going to be ignored whenever you attack with your skills. You can’t enchant Duelist skills to Holy, so you won’t benefit from your dual swords having 150 Holy.

          • Jaros says:

            does it work differently on on GF or same as Freya? Thank you very much !!

          • Mayu says:

            If you mean whether your 150 holy dual swords and Duelist skills would work differently on GF and Freya, no, it’s the same mechanics. The only difference between the two versions are the amount of damage bonus you get from attributes, as well as the option to put up to 3 different elements on each armor piece.

          • Jaros says:

            Thanks for info, i have a different question, since what chronicle can you get more than 150 attribute and where to get it?
            Thx jaro

          • Mayu says:

            You can increase armor and weapon attribute value past the limit of Attribute Stones by using Attribute Crystals. I’ve written how you can get them in this very article, plus they also drop from monsters in Freya and High Five. As for when they were introduced to the game, I can’t remember exactly, but it was either Gracia Final or Gracia Epilogue.

  48. leon says:

    i’m a ghost hunter and if i enchant weapon with fire attribute and my skills with fire to. Is good that way?

    • Mayu says:

      Well, you’ll get the combined Attribute Bonus of your weapon and your skills, but how effective that’s going to be depends on your opponent’s fire resistance. It also depends which version of L2 you’re playing – on Freya, High Five and GoD, you have up to 3 attributes per armor piece, so there’s a lot more resistance. On those versions it’s usually better to enchant your attack skills to Duel, if possible.

  49. Jaros says:

    Hello again, I really appreciate your help Mayu.

    I came up with different question, duelist has a sonic rage skill,which gathers focus sonic by dealing distant dmg.
    I cant enchant it to anything. Does the attribute in my duals gonna influence it somehow?

  50. NonExistant says:

    Hello people,i really cant do sh*t in oly with my dancer,cant diss decent/threatening damage and im always getting kicked in my ass in most cased scenarios cant really choose a good attribute for my armor neither my weapon since its all round attribute server.Im desperate

    • Mayu says:

      Hello, unfortunately Spectral Dancer isn’t really cut out for Olympiad PvP (and PvP in general), it’s more of a support class, lacking really offensive abilities that can deal damage, nor having any proper defense (no high level Heavy Armor mastery) except level 1 Ultimate Defense, so there is not much you can do except put maximum level of attributes to your armor parts and weapon, and to enchant both as high as possible. You can also aim to get a Passive Shield Augment to get more P. Def., and increase your CP and HP by various means – Dyes, accessories, BTB staff and so on.

  51. GodsWill says:

    Hello Mayu,

    I need ur help im playing in x20 rate freya, and im still confusing got mamba and i have to put ” attribute” yes but i got skills on ” duel ” do is my attribute count on that? or i should b without any attribute. Thanks for answer.

    • Mayu says:

      Hello, when your skills are enchanted to Duel, you deal non-attribute damage to them, always. They don’t take into account any weapon or buff attack attribute bonus, nor is their damage output affected by attribute defense of the target.

      • GodsWill says:

        Hello Mayu,

        So that means that ill better stay on ” non attribute attack”

        • Mayu says:

          Yes, it’s better, particularly for high damage output skills such as dagger classes attack skills.

          • GodsWill says:

            Cool, Thank you for ur answer, another question i have no idea about certis, i got Ressist Trait, evasion, barrier, do u have idea about better certis? thank you for answer!

  52. Jaros says:

    Hi again Mayu, I have a question. Does the Dreadnought have any build-in attribute damage in skills?

    • Mayu says:

      Hi, Jaros! Nope, Dreadnought like a typical Human class has no attributes in its attack skills, but since Earthquake can only be enchanted to Earth it usually forces players to put that on their weapons, at least for PvP.

  53. lasthope says:

    Can someone tell me what attributes to put on armor for ex. sph?

    • Mayu says:

      Well, it totally depends on what your usual enemies are, what attack attribute they use. If you play on anything from Freya and up, you should just distribute all attributes evenly across your armor parts. Because it’s 6 attributes and you only have 5 armor parts, that means having one of the attributes at a lower value, so the only thing you need to consider is which attribute you should sacrifice a bit. Personally I usually sacrifice Holy/Divine resistance, but you can also do the same with Dark as there are many items and buffs that provide additional resistance to Darkness. Hope that helps.

  54. george says:

    Hi maya, thanks for your guide, its very helpfull.
    May i ask you sth?
    I play on blackbird server, 100x freya and i say many tricksters using holy, and less dark, fire etc..
    U say that dark is the right and now im confused… how can i check what my trickster needs?

    • Mayu says:

      Hello, the easiest way to check is to see what element attribute you can enchant different attack skills to. Although some skills are non-enchantable, those that are and have a built-in attribute bonus can usually only be enchanted to that same built-in attribute. I have never really played Trickster seriously, but after just having a look at what attributes some skills can be enchanted to, I can see that Dark is not really suitable, so I’ll edit the page – thanks for the note! As for your server, I suspect those who use Holy are doing so for PvE purposes, and those that use Fire are perhaps relying on opponents having less resistance to Fire attacks, in addition to enchanting some skills to +Fire (e.g. Rising Shot).

  55. Ben says:

    Hello Mayu,
    I read your post about weapon attributes increasing the land rate of some skills (like medusa). Im playing Shillien Saint and I was wondering if there is a weapon attribute that increases dryad root’s land rate.
    Thanks in advance

  56. george says:

    So, for the trickster, should i remove dark element that i have already added by your guide? And add what?

    • Mayu says:

      As you can see from the previous comments a few days ago, Trickster can choose any of the 4 attributes apart from Dark/Holy, because some of the class attack skills can be enchanted to those 4 attributes. You can also go with Holy (i.e. for PvE) if you choose to enchant your attack skills to Duel. As for using this article as a guide, it’s more an informative article than a definite guide, so always have some doubt and test things out before you make a decision, especially since things tend to differ a little bit from server to server.

      • george says:

        yes, but trickster doesnt use skill attacks.
        he was the classic attack, right? anyway, ill check the damage with different element.

        • Mayu says:

          In PvE you depend mostly on regular attacks, so your weapon attribute is totally up to you, but in PvP you deal damage with you skill attacks, so if you want to get any attribute bonus your weapon attribute has to match your skill attribute, or you can rely on the Duel enchant and ignore whatever attribute resistance your opponents have.

  57. Diego says:

    hi guys, im playing a doombringer, and i dont know on which way to enchant my skills for oly …………..+ duel or attri……………………….( freya server hr) ?

    • Mayu says:

      If you can enchant your strongest skills to at least +20 or more, Duel works best. To diversify a bit, you can put some of your weaker attack skills to attribute enchant and match your weapon’s attribute with it. Since it’s a high rate server though, I guess everyone has maximized their attribute resistance, so perhaps it’s best to just go with Duel and keep your weapon attribute for PvE purposes only.

  58. george says:

    Mayu, what is duel you said before?
    I dont enchant duel on skills cause i dont use skills with trickster, only the attack button(sword).
    My half hits are criticals by that way. Am i doing sth wrong?
    So, if i dont use a skill, are all elements same for trickster?

    • Mayu says:

      You can see what the Duel skill enchant does in the skill enchant window. It’s basically a skill power increase, twice as much as regular Power skill enchant, but only works in PvP combat. When you say you don’t use skills to attack, I guess you mean in PvE vs. monsters, right? When you don’t use skill attacks, you just deal whatever attribute damage your weapon has.

  59. george says:

    and on pvp. some ppl told me that archers dont need skills.


    “When you don’t use skill attacks, you just deal whatever attribute damage your weapon has.”
    that means that all elements same damage?

    • Mayu says:

      Please read the article more carefully, it answers your question. Different elements don’t deal different damage, it all depends on values of attack attribute vs. defense attribute. As for archers and PvP, it depends. With full buffs you may not really need to use as many skills to deal damage, but even so you would still use skills in between regular shots.

  60. Danni says:

    Hi Mayu i have Trickster and im using Holy attr.. i got 450atr from weapon and 40 more from Holy Weapon buff.
    My question is should i change my attr on Fire?

    • Mayu says:

      It’s up to you really. If you use your attack skills a lot, they can only be enchanted to Fire/Water/Earth/Wind, and not to Holy, so your attack skills won’t gain attribute damage bonus from your weapon’s Holy attribute. If your playstyle relies mainly on normal attacks though, not on skill attacks, you’re fine with any attribute. The same is true if you enchant your attack skills to Duel (can’t remember right now if you can do that for Trickster, but just saying).

  61. George says:

    I have a couple of questions about Sagittarius.
    This class has only 2 skills with attribute enchant routes- Double and Lethal Shot. From the H5 chronicle, there is a lot of skills, more powerful, so i don’t really have time to use old ones. Could you tell me, is there any skill with attribute damage or all are non-attribute?
    Next question is about Flame Hawk. When i use this skill, there is a chanse to make debuff, which “For 10 seconds inflicts 300 fire damage every second”. So, if i put fire into my weapon, damage or chanse to make that debuff will be increased?
    And the last question.
    I’ve heard that if i put earth into my bow, it will increased my stun chanse. I don’t think so, but maby i’m wrong.

    I’m waiting for Your answers, cause i’m looking for someone experienced who can help me to choose which attribute will be the best for my bow.

    • Mayu says:

      Well, there are a lot of skills, so you can be more specific about certain skill attacks that you use, I can check whether they have a built-in attribute or not.

      As for Flame Hawk, I don’t believe your attack attribute affects the burn effect of the debuff, no.

      About Earth and stun, if you mean the Stun Shot skill, I don’t think land rate is affected by your attribute. Usually for a debuff skill to have its land rate affected by an attribute, the skill itself has to have that attribute built-in and Stun Shot is a non-attribute skill. I’m 99% sure on that, but there is always some doubt.

  62. George says:

    So the best attribute for my bow will be fire (because of Flame Hawk). It’s a pity that it’s the only one skill with attribute. Thank You very much for helping me. Could you tell me where did you checked this skills? Is it any website with that informations or this is Your private source? Please write here link to the website or something, if this is possible at all.

    • Mayu says:

      You’re welcome. Fire is as good as any attribute really. As for my source, no, it’s not a website, it’s something private, but I believe you can figure out a skill’s attribute by checking the available options for skill enchant. When a skill has only 1 attribute it can be enchanted to, it usually means that’s the attribute it has built-in by default. For example you can only enchant Flame Hawk to Fire, Earthquake (WL and Titan skill) to Earth, and so on. Non-attribute skills can usually be enchanted to all attributes except Holy and Dark.

      • George says:

        But Flame Hawk is skill from Forgotten Scroll on 83 lvl and it cannot be enchanted. So what about it? Is it fire or non-attribute skill, cause I’m a little confused now :).

        • Mayu says:

          Good point, you can’t enchant it, but we’re talking about the skill’s built-in attribute. Flame Hawk has 20 Fire attack attribute by default, so if your bow has 300 Fire for example, the skill will add 20 to that when you use it, otherwise it will deal non-attribute damage, so no attribute bonus. Of course it depends on the target’s Fire resistance.

  63. Sunshine says:

    Hallo Mayu,

    I need to ask you about SWM, the songer is my favorite character, but i realy do not know any atribut(element), which i can use to PVP. Thank you for any answer.

    PS: Excuse my english, kind regards.

    • Mayu says:

      Hi Sunshine,

      As you can see in the table right at the end of the article, I suggest a Holy attack attribute for Sword Muse. Although you can use any attribute really because the class does damage mostly through regular attacks, Holy works a little better because of some of the class skills which have the same attribute built-in.

  64. Reconstructive says:

    Hello, i play in a server that max skill enchant is +10 and on which u can add elements up to lvl9… I am Dagger and i have a question. Since all ppl in server got lvl9 attributes, enchanting skills on element would be useless. U say that duel enchant is alternative enchant route as i can see from the above posts… But with skill enchant max +10 does +10 duel skill worth more than +10 power skill?

    • Mayu says:


      Yes, it’s definitely worth more, because Duel is 2x the increase in skill power compared to Power enchant route. The downside is it only works in PvP, when using your skills vs. players, but I guess that’s what you have on your server anyway.

  65. Reconstructive says:

    Another question… If i enchant my skills to duel i dont need to add element on my dagger? Should i leave it lvl0? I didnt rly understand this..

    • Mayu says:

      Well, if you only use skill attacks and your skills are enchanted to Duel, then yes, your weapon’s attribute doesn’t matter, but it does for normal attacks and you certainly use those, even in PvP, between skill attacks. The attribute system has been changed in Goddess of Destruction so your skills always benefit from your weapon attribute, but that’s only if you’re playing on retail, otherwise it is as I just explained.

  66. unwanted says:

    hello. if my wind attack attribute is less than my wind defence attribute then i lose damage ?

    • Mayu says:

      If the target’s total Wind defense attribute is higher than your total Wind attack attribute, then yes, though it’s more that you simply don’t get the extra bonus from your attack attribute, so you deal normal damage with your skill. Unless you play on Goddess of Destruction, then it’s different because they changed the attribute system there. I hope to update the article soon to include those changes.

      • unwanted says:

        yes i was talking about Goddess of Destruction. not their defence but my defence. i think i read somewhere that if my wind defence is more than my wind attack i get damage penalty and i wanted to confirm this before i get more stones

        • Mayu says:

          OK, I see. Here it is from GoD Tauti patch notes:

          If your defense attribute is higher than your attack attribute, the amount of damage you receive is decreased. Damage that raises attack attribute value can be increased.

          So no, the damage you deal remains the same, but the damage you receive is decreased further. At least that’s how I understand it at the moment.

          • unwanted says:

            oh thank you so much , yes that was the sentence that confused me so i can go and max all attributes 🙂

          • Mayu says:

            You’re welcome! I’m still confused about their second sentence “Damage that raises attack attribute value can be increased.” It seems like a bad translation or badly used English, so I’m not sure what they mean by that, but I’m pretty sure about what I answered to your question.

  67. unwanted says:

    i think that “Damage that raises attack attribute value can be increased.” means that i am feoh i have wind attribute stage , wind attribute so 2 wind boost raises even more ?

    or when you have more wind defence attribute than wind attack attribute , then wind attack attribute damage is getting an increased boost .. something like that. i have all to level4 didnt notice any boost though exept the normal

    • Mayu says:

      It could be, but it’s difficult to tell without doing some proper tests, vs. targets of different defense attribute level.

      • unwanted says:

        from what i get from this someone with 0 attribute lets say wynn summoners survitors are same as me that i use attribute . but someone with level 7 attribute has a huge bonus vs me that i have level 4. thats kinda unfair.

        the 220 difference is maxed and passed by level 4 with iss buffs so anything more would be useless, but attack should be level 7 either for mobs or pvp due to a huge attack boost on the element

        i may be totally wrong though

        • Mayu says:

          I think the 220 difference is what you need in general to get maximum attribute damage bonus, around 23%. So it’s definitely worth it going as high as possible on your defense attributes (over Lv4), to minimize that difference against attackers with Lv7 attack attribute. Most monsters are OK to fight against even with Lv4 attributes, but some high level ones have much higher attack attribute so you need to go over Lv4 against them. If you count in defense attributes from buffs and other items, it’s not that bad, and it’s pretty much the same as it’s always been before this update. The tricky part is having maximum defense against a particular attribute, instead of just an overall increase of 5 out of 6 attributes. You have to decide which attribute to sacrifice to get a defense boost for another attribute, to help against particular monsters and/or classes.

  68. Cattiva says:

    Hi Mayu 🙂 I’m Soulhound which attribute on Cyclic Cane empower you advise me? Dark?

    thank you

    • Mayu says:

      Hello Cattiva,

      Yeah, Dark attribute for Soulhound is pretty much the most effective choice.

      • Nicola says:

        Hi Mayu,

        great informations but I still have doubs about skills enchant on power and attribute what I must choose for my archer Moonlight Sentinel for oly/pvp, is it better to go for power or attribute? ( chronicle).

        • Mayu says:

          Hello, sorry for the delay of my reply! Since you’re playing on Gracia Final, it’s definitely better to go for attribute enchant over power enchant, as long as your offensive skill allows such enchantment route. Power is only useful if you don’t have an attribute route available for the skill or if it improves not only the skill’s power level but gives additional bonuses like increased skill land rate and so on. I could give you more specific help if you mention the exact skills you’re asking about.

          • Nicola says:

            Hi thanks for the great answer, I was talking about Double Shot skill also I want to know for the other skills that can be enchant only for power and duel what’s better for oly?

          • Mayu says:

            Double Shot should be enchanted to one of the 4 available elements – Fire, Water, Wind or Earth, depending on your weapon’s attribute. As for skills that only have Duel and Power as options, definitely take Duel for PvP, including Oly.

  69. sandro says:

    i have a question – on dager i have icarus dager wind – 150 and i have enchanted bakstub +10 power, when i use bakstub in pvp, bakstub ignores weapon atribute – wind 150??? if ignors i will change bakstub to +10 wind, bakstub ignores weapon atribute??? is bakstub non atribute attack skill??
    the same question is on titan to use armor crush and crush of doom in pvp skill atack???

    • Mayu says:

      Yes, Backstab is a non-attribute skill, so unless you enchant it to the same attribute as your weapon (Wind your case), it won’t use your weapon’s attribute for the damage calculation. Same for Titan and Crush of Doom. Oh and it doesn’t matter whether it’s PvP or PvE.

  70. sandro says:

    i have ghost hunter and i must change skills enchant to wind???

  71. leicht says:

    hello guys. i just think about DB and his element … i know he has to be dark and its not bad choice if u have close slh with dark wep +30 u can do 370 active dark but i didnt see any damage different so i changed it to holy (340 with buffs) and now i thinking about earth element for DB , someone told me that earth insert stun chance and it could be usefull .. my db is stunned almost alltime even with +con dyes and all jawels

    • Mayu says:

      Yes, I’ve heard those rumors as well, but from what I know it’s not true. Shock/Stun are a separate kind of attack and has no attribute, so whether you have Earth or not won’t increase your chance. I’m not entirely sure on the latest versions (GoD and up), but for the previous ones it’s like that. So in short, you won’t get more stun resistance by increasing your Earth defense attribute. DB is easily stunned because it has a low default CON and the Light armor it wears doesn’t help either. The biggest difference by far can be made with buffs rather than equipment, though obviously +CON dyes and boss jewelry still helps somewhat.

  72. sandro says:

    hi maya, i am playing on hi5 titan, and i have +6vesper slasher 300fire atribute, i have enchanted crush of doom to +30fire atack, and it is dark form +20 so a have atak atribute 370, but i have less dimage in pvp, in our server many players have fire atribute resistense, so i must change crush of doom to +30 duel? it incrises my dimage in pvp? pliz answer this question and sorry a dont know english well.

    • Mayu says:

      Yes, on H5 you would definitely benefit from +Duel route on your strongest attack skills, because as you mentioned, most people have full attribute resistance and you don’t really get a damage bonus from your weapon and skill attributes.

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  74. Seagal says:

    Hello there!
    Im playing Storm Screamer on H5 server where max attribute enchants are lvl 7 120 on armor and lvl 7 300 on weapon.
    Im interested in finding out what the difference is between enchanting Hurricane on Wind Vulnerability and Wind Attack. Im looking more from a PvP point of view. I read above u said that enchanting on power isnt necessarily the best option for PvP (which i currently have). If i understand the spell/skill correctly, Wind Vulnerability is only good vs characters that use Wind attribute for attack… hope its not a complete shot in the dark 🙂 Considering that im using maxed out wind attribute on weapon obviously and i intend to enchant it as far as possible, so 20+ for sure. Btw im using Dual on all skills that have that option which i intend to enchant as much as possible as well.
    P.S. Your doing a great job answering all these questions and i find them to be very helpful indeed!
    Thanx in advance for any info u might have

    • Mayu says:


      It’s rather simple. If you enchant on Wind Vulnerability, any time your Hurricane lands on the target, the target’s wind defense attribute goes down by some number (up to 50 at max skill enchant). That debuff remains for quite some time usually (60 seconds original retail time I think), so any other subsequent wind attacks would deal more damage. It’s a decent bonus, but it’s mostly useful if more than one character in your group deals wind damage.

      On the other hand, if you fight mostly solo or if your group deals mostly other elements damage, then enchanting on Wind Attack would always help you deal more damage (same as Wind Vulnerability, up to 50 increase to your attribute attack at max skill enchant) with your wind attribute weapon. Using Duel is always a good idea when your targets are running with high attribute defenses, such as with lv7 armors and from buffs.

      Hope this helps and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any further questions!

  75. Rkd says:

    Hello Mayu, I’m using soul hound on x45 server h5, should I enchant all skills on dark or duel? please reply

  76. Helpmepls says:

    Hi,what is better for a high rate pvp server? i mean i have a empowered freya weap with lv 7 dark atrb.Im a soulhound and i want to enchant my skills but i dont know to what.what deals more dmg?Thx.

    • Mayu says:

      Hi, sorry for the late reply. High rate usually means most players have full attribute defenses and full buffs, so it’s probably worth enchanting your strongest skills to Duel instead of their attribute, especially if you can bring the enchant up to +20 or more for each skill.

  77. Vendigo says:

    Hmm paladin(Phoenix knight) holy attribute huh… Well its true that the most of the time paladin would use holy like castle sieges and pve. But when it comes down to oly and you want to become a hero, alot of times you don’t use holy but switch between holy and dark weapons, since players you’re fighting against has more or less same rank as you or points however you call it, and has maxed elemental defense. The same way i switch weapons i switch my armor too And in the beginning of fights i chose my starting elemental defense accordingly to class im facing, like :i see another paladin my starting set would have more holy, warlord = earth, destroyer/tyrant=fire. and if damage seems bigger than it should be i switch to different armor with other attribute defenses ok and one more thing about classes like prp/bish/se/ee holy for them is pve and just sometimes pvp they basically use any element according to the augment on weapon they have. (item skill: Prominence = fire attribute and so on…)

  78. max says:

    doomcryers don´t have element skills.
    for that rason i don’t put element to my weapon yet

    • Mayu says:

      Even for classes without element skills, it helps to deal more damage with your regular/normal attack against targets without that attribute defense (or not high enough of it).

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  80. stelios says:

    In sword muse i use dark is that too bad..? Cause you say sword muse use holy…

    • Mayu says:

      No, it’s not bad, there is no right or wrong really, at least with most classes. The reason I wrote Holy is because of some Holy-attributed skills that the SM has, but if Dark works for the kind of gameplay you have, use it. It’s all about working out your opponent’s attribute defense and trying to deal as much damage against that.

  81. ADrian says:

    Hello I would like to know which element you can put the weapon for the mana burn will yield more.a Shilien Saint

  82. Martin says:

    Just wanted to add, after reading all this thread, since sagi has fire attri on that one skill, change best attri for moon light sentiel, arrow rain has same thing as flame hawk, just with wind attri. So the best attribute for moonlight sentiel should be wind. Thx for all this, it’s been very helpful

  83. raegor says:

    hai mayu,i just want to ask
    about weapon with pvp (from reputation manager)
    does it affect the attribute or just non atrribute??can u explain how does it works??
    sry bad english 🙂

    • Mayu says:

      Hi, Raegor, weapon PvP upgrade works independently from attributes, it just adds an additional effect to the weapon when you PvP with someone.

  84. youngO says:

    Hello there Mayu,

    please give more info on moonlight sentinel. what skills what attributes have apart from those u can enchant to any attribute u like? and why did u choose wind? didn’t get that

    • Mayu says:

      Some of the attribute suggestions here need to be updated, and some are just optional. You can easily check your skill enchant options and see which ones have attribute route. As long as your weapon’s attribute matches the attribute enchant, you benefit from it. For PvP, especially for skills that do a lot of damage, it’s usually better to enchant to Duel route, if available. You can see a whole section with explanations about optimal attributes for Moonlight Sentinel in my character build guide for that class.

  85. youngO says:

    thanks for ur prompt answer!

    so u say that it is better to enchant to Duel route for PvP rather than attribute?

    • Mayu says:

      As I said, it depends. If you play Freya or High Five (especially H5), and if the skill has a high power value (i.e. Triple Sonic Slash for Duelist), and if you can enchant it high enough (20+), and if most players on the server run with full lv7 attribute defense, then yes, enchanting to Duel is better than to attribute.

  86. Paulo Costa says:

    Hi bro,

    I am Wind Rider in h5 (freya Server), can you tell me which armor is better for me? vesper noble, vorpal leather, dynasty lvl 2 or elegia?

    • Mayu says:

      It depends what you want really – Vorpal provides stun resistance, Elegia provides the most P.Def. and Vesper gives you a crit. damage bonus. Dynasty has too low P.Def. compared to S84.

  87. Patrik says:

    Hi have qustiot about titan weapon atribut is good on vesper slasher and dynasty crusher fire or earth atribut? Want it on farm and olympiad

    • Patrik says:

      Hi have qustion for titan on vesper slasher and dynasty crusher is top element fire holy or earth? Want it on pvp farm and olympiad and top armor will clean moirai heavy or vesper noble heavy late moirai fundation h or vesper noble fundation heavy. Know top is elegia but on server where i play never have it and where i can farm good money with titan wc bd thx for help

      • Mayu says:

        Hi, there is no really top element, you can use any, depending on what enemy elemental resistance you want to focus on and what you enchant your skills on. If you enchant them on PvP Duel instead of attribute, you can use any element really. Vesper has more P.Def. than Moirai, so unless you can enchant your Moirai very high, it’s better to go with Vesper Noble. As for farming money, I can’t really say, it depends on the server, so you should just ask people around.

        • Patrik says:

          Ok thx mayu and is beeter moirar fundation heavy or vesper fundation heavy?

          • Mayu says:

            Again, it depends how high you can enchant the Moirai. Moirai has better stats for offensive PvP gameplay, especially open PvP with buffs, while Vesper is more defensive.

  88. Nix says:

    I did EL with 120 divine attribute in AM, i get +20 from holy weapon, + 20 from dance. I summon king i dont see the diffrence in my Character stats (Gracia chronicle). WIll Holy attribute apply to the servitor on EL? Will i see it in character stats that i get reduced -80% attr?

    • Mayu says:

      The servitors get 80% of the attribute you have on your weapon (none from armor), but you have to consider the type of magic attack that the servitor does. For Elemental Summoner the servitors do Water attribute attack, so it will not get a buff for that from Divine/Holy; that would only buff their melee attacks to do Divine/Holy damage. As for whether it appears on your character stats screen, I can’t quite remember, but probably not.

      This guide was made before they introduced attribute transfer for servitors, so some of the suggestions could be a bit obsolete for certain classes, though it also depends on the play style and server chronicle and customization.

      • Nix says:

        From what you said holy attribute is best for AL since King don’t have elemental attribute attack and Holy is rarest resist among ppl armor.

        • Mayu says:

          OK, I see, though I’m not so sure about Feline King’s lack of attribute for his attacks anymore. I’ll try to dig up some info and let you know.

        • Mayu says:

          OK, so yeah, it seems (I’ve not played for so long) that Feline King’s attack skills are purely physical attacks with no attribute/element, so they won’t benefit from any attribute you have on your weapon. Only Feline’s King basic attacks would (should?) benefit from the attribute on your weapon, getting 80% of it. I suggest you simply test it with and without that weapon (use some weapon that has no attribute) and see how it affects Feline King’s damage output.

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