Lineage 2 Armor Sets +6 Overenchant Bonus Exact Effects

Lineage 2 Armor Sets +6 Overenchant Bonus Exact Effects

As you probably know, enchanting all of your armor set pieces to +6 or more not only gives you the set bonus effects, but also an additional increase in different stats depending on the type of armor – heavy, light or robe.

Here are some rules about how this works exactly:

  • You have to enchant all armor pieces to +6 or higher
  • Only armor pieces that are necessary for the set bonus itself need to be enchant to +6 or more. For example, the Plated Leather set consists of only upper body, lower body and boots, so you don’t need to enchant a helmet and gloves to +6 to get these bonuses.
  • The bonus effects, just like regular set effects, are only applied when wearing unsealed armor sets
  • Rare armor pieces can’t be used to get the bonus. E.g. a +6 rare armor item won’t unlock the bonus effects when worn with the rest of the set.

Overenchant Bonus Effects List for Heavy, Light and Robe Armor Sets

Before I present you the lists, keep in mind the following clarifications:

  1. MP Regeneration per tick was measured while standing and not actively engaged in combat.
  2. P. Def. and M. Def. bonuses are simply added on top of your stats, in other words they’re static increases and buffs don’t affect them.

Now that this is out of the way, here are the effects for each armor type:

Heavy Armor Sets – increase P. Def. and MP Regeneration

  • D-Grade: +25 P. Def., +1-2 MP
  • C-Grade: +38 P. Def., +2~3 MP
  • B-Grade: +44 P. Def., +2~3 MP
  • A-Grade: +50 P. Def., +2~3 MP
  • S/S80-Grade: +68 P. Def., +2~3 MP

Ligh Armor Sets – increase M. Def. and Evasion

  • D-Grade: +14 M. Def., +2 Evasion
  • C-Grade: +20 M. Def., +2 Evasion
  • B-Grade: +24 M. Def., +3 Evasion
  • A-Grade: +27 M. Def., +3 Evasion
  • S/S80-Grade: +33 M. Def., +3 Evasion

Robe Armor Sets – increase P. Def. and Weight Gauge

  • D-Grade: +16 P. Def., +30% Weigth Gauge
  • C-Grade: +26 P. Def., +30% Weigth Gauge
  • B-Grade: +28 P. Def., +30% Weigth Gauge
  • A-Grade: +32 P. Def., +30% Weigth Gauge
  • S/S80-Grade: +38 P. Def., +30% Weigth Gauge

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6 Responses to Lineage 2 Armor Sets +6 Overenchant Bonus Exact Effects

  1. Gianfranco says:

    Hello, i have a question. I know it has nothing to do with the current topic, but i was wondering about how much does draconic (or any) masterwork set affects on HP, attack speed, or anything. I mean if u could tell me the exact diff in numbers or something like that it would be awesome, because i want to buy a MW set but i don’t want to waste adena on something that is not worth. ohh BTW i’m playing gracia final. Ty in advance.

    • Mayu says:

      Hello, it would be best if you simply use L2Calc and see for yourself, because it depends on many other factors and it’s impossible to tell without taking all factors into account. Here is a link to a well-updated calculator that should give you a good idea what difference the armor set would make for your particular character:

      Just set all necessary values like character level, symbols, etc. There may be some slight differences between what you see on it and what you see on your server, due to game versions, but it’s pretty accurate.

      • Gianfranco says:

        It doesn’t have MW S-grade sets on it XD. still. is an awesome calculator

        • Mayu says:

          I’m not even sure what you mean by MW, I can’t recall such an armor set. Are you sure it’s not custom? What’s the full name?

          • Gianfranco says:

            Masterwork (foundation item) 🙂

          • Mayu says:

            Ah, OK. Well, it depends on the armor set, different Masterwork parts give different bonuses, but as far as I can recall, you don’t get the armor set bonus when you use a Masterwork armor in Gracia Final, so it’s rather pointless. It’s been changed in later versions, I think from Freya and up, so unless you play there, or unless your server has it customized so you can get both the armor set bonus AND the mw parts bonuses, you’re better off using the normal parts because of the full armor set bonus effects.

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