Best F2P MMORPGs of 2012 - a Look at Current Top 3 MMOs

A brief look into my personal top 3 F2P MMORPGs of early 2012, with a short review of each, plus some thoughts on F2P vs. Paid Subscription models. Click here to read the full article

Lineage II Goddess of Destruction Dyes - Complete List

A detailed explanation of the new Goddess of Destruction Dyes - Giant, Ancient and Legendary. How you can obtain them, what bonuses they give and a full list of all available combinations. Click here to read the full GoD Dyes article.

Lineage 2 Attribute System - Complete Guide - Now Including Freya and High Five Attribute System Updates!

Have you ever wondered how the Elemental Attribute System works in Lineage 2? Got blank spots about it you want to fill in? Need to figure out how attack and defense attributes are calculated, what attribute breakpoints are, how to get attribute stones and attribute crystals? This and a lot more in my Lineage 2 Attribute System Complete Explanation article.

Lineage 2 Armor Sets +6 Overenchant Bonus Exact Effects

This little list shows you the exact Armor Set Bonus Effects when all armor set-compliant pieces are enchanted to +6 or more. Go to the Armor Set +6 Overenchant Bonus Effects article.

Information Source -

Low HP Tactics for Different Classes

Low HP skills can really benefit some classes and to be able to lower your HP on demand whenever you want can be a big advantage. Mostly popular from Titan's pre-Frenzy, this sequence of item and skill uses has its benefits for some other classes as well. To find out more about the ins and out of the combo go here

Talismans - Exact Effects and Bonuses

You can find a list of all Talismans currently in the game, with their exact effects and skill bonuses, as well as reuse times for the active ones. We'll update the page whenever we get more of the currently missing information for some of the Talismans. Click here to see the complete list.

Forgotten Scrolls - A Complete List. Where and How to Get Them

This article will help you locate any of the existing Forgotten Scrolls and Amulets for both 2nd and 3rd profession skills for all classes in Lineage 2. Given are skill levels, NPC, mob and RB names, their location, as well alternative ways to get some of the spellbooks - click here to check it out.

Subclass Certification Skills Guide and Charts

A complete guide to subclass skill certification. What are subclass skills, how to get them and specific skill bonuses - click here.

Important Note: This article has been left only as an online reference and is not going to be updated anymore. To get the latest version with more detailed information, lots of fixed errors and a full-blown view of the Divine Transformations, download my Lineage 2 Certification System Explained FREE Guide.

Raid Boss Jewelry Exact Effects

Ever wondered of the exact stats changes you get from your RB jewelry? Click here to find out.

Original source - Lady Moira's L2Info

Complete List of Lineage 2 Augment Skills

Click here for the full augment skills list.

Original source, author Diego Vargas.

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