Ultimate Duelist Guide


This is the 3rd digital/PDF guide in the Mayu’s Ultimate Guide series and it focuses on the Duelist class, going through all its gameplay aspects – class builds, skill mechanics, PvP and PvE tactics and much more:

  • Complete and in-depth view of the Duelist class, including stats, used items, attack skill damage calculation, macros for PvP and Pve, and so on
  • Character builds, from equipment and symbols, to attributes and certification skills, not only for each in-game situation, but for both retail and private servers running High Five or older chronicles
  • How to approach PvE, what buffs to take, how to multibox and how to be efficient when playing in a party
  • Comprehensive PvP section, covering open PvP, small scale battles and the Grand Olympiad, with discussion of tactics against each class in the game

The long-awaited Ultimate Lineage 2 Duelist Guide has been finally released! 

“Take Full Control of Your Duelist and Crush Your Enemies by Unleashing Its Limitless Reserves of Destructive Energy”

Learn All Ins and Outs of the Duelist Class Mechanics, and Use That Knowledge to Become the Ultimate Warrior on Your Server

Come Out on Top in Any Combat Situation by Playing Your Duelist in the Most Efficient Way

Dear Lineage 2 Player:

The Duelist is one of the most powerful warrior classes in Lineage 2 and excels in PvP, but is often misused by those who play it. Mayu’s Ultimate Lineage 2 Duelist Guide is designed to help you get a better understanding of how to make your Duelist perform at its best and take your place amongst the few who have managed to master it.

Regardless if you’re a newbie Gladiator or a seasoned Duelist player, and whether you play on retail High Five or private servers, you’ll find all the necessary gameplay aspects discussed in-depth and great detail, in a way that will allow you to get the most out of your Duelist character.

How to be sure that this guide is for me?

If you need help with any of the following aspects of playing your Duelist, then Mayu’s Ultimate Lineage 2 Duelist Guide is just what you need:

  • Understand the role and purpose of the Tyrant class in different in-game situations, regardless if you play on High Five retail servers or private servers running older chronicles.
  • Use the full potential of your Duelist capabilities in both PvE and PvP
  • Learn how to prepare and equip your character to position yourself for optimal results in any combat scenario
  • Get an in-depth knowledge about each of your skills and learn how to use them together in the most efficient manner
  • Improve the rate of killing in PvE to avoid wasting your time and resources
  • Learn how to always be in control during PvP by reading your opponents like they’re an open book and applying the most efficient tactics to defeat them
  • Become a force on the Grand Olympiad and maximize your chances of winning even against your worst match-ups


Here’s what some players have said about Mayu’s Ultimate Lineage 2 Duelist Guide:

I’ve been playing the Duelist class for quite a long time, until I stopped few months ago. Since i know Mayu in person and played with him, after seeing his ultimate Duelist guide, I can say it is a marvellous job.

It will undoubtedly help every beginner and pro player out there who plays the class. It will give you enough understanding of how to play your Duelist in both PvE and PvP. The PvP section – Duelist against other classes – will draw you a picture on how to prepare and execute your Grand Olympiad matches, which is very important.

Mastering this class requires lot more effort than most people think and with the help of this guide you will make a huge step forward in developing your duelist and turning yourself into a killing machine. I myself have used builds for my Duelist that are included in this guide and can assure you – having the knowledge included in it and playing your class correctly will fire you up to the level of top players.

If you are one already, you should buy it anyway, because it surely contains things you may not know and the included Cheat Sheet PDF will give you access to various Duelist builds that will make your PvP feel very comfortable. I personaly believe this guide will have a positive impact on the play style of any Duelist player. When I begin to play again soon, I will surely use this guide to fortify my knowledge and skills.

by EasternSun

A must-have Guide for every person that wanna put his/hers hope in the best PVP class imo. Based on great research, a lot hours and even years of game-play in Retail and Private servers.

This piece of work can be useful not only for a newbie entering the world of hard-core L2 game-play, but also for every person that considers himself a pro, to approve his knowledge in many ways in this great but also huge world of Lineage II, that usually takes years to be understood and changes very fast.

All you need to know about this kick-ass class the Gladi is here!

So don’t miss your chance to drink the knowledge from the source ^_~!

Good job,Mayu! ^_^

by Katya Tomova (Lady Cat)

When I was reading the guide I was thinking “what a useful source of information”, everything that I was looking for and interested me about my character was there.

There are variations of builds for the different version of the game, be it retail or private servers.

This guide is useful for beginners like me, and I think it will be useful for advanced palyers too, because it’s well structured and easy to read, and can be used quickly as a reference book.

Great work, thanks Mayu!

by Swifft

A list of the guide’s main contents

Here’s what you’ll find inside Mayu’s Ultimate Lineage 2 Duelist Guide:

  • 90+ pages of no-fluff information about the Duelist, covering all you need to know about the class from A to Z.
  • Can help you regardless if you play High Five on retail servers or any previous chronicles such as Freya, Gracia Epilogue and Gracia Final on private servers, by pointing out the differences wherever necessary, and how they affect your choice on items, skill use and so on.
  • Detailed overview of the class – base stats, role of the class, list of all skills with comments and advices for each of them, class attack damage and skill mechanics and a comparison to other melee classes
  • C to S84 Grade by Grade equipment overview and suggestions – weapons, armor sets, accessories, bracelets, talismans, cloaks, belts
  • All the necessary items you need for both PvE and PvP efficient gameplay
  • Suggested PvE and PvP Macros that can automate different tasks to make playing your Duelist an easier task
  • Symbol (Dye) combinations for any possible play style and gameplay scenario, covering both PvP and PvE
  • The most efficient choice of attributes you can apply to your weapons and armor sets
  • 5 combinations of certification skills from your subclasses, aimed to cover all possible in-game situations
  • Optimal skill enchantment routes for PvP
  • Beneficial Weapon Augment skills
  • What buffs work best for Duelist in both PvP and PvE. Which are the buffer classes which work best if you’re multiboxing
  • Gameplay tips for PvE – solo play, multibox and in party
  • Gameplay tips for open PvP and small scale battles
  • The necessary preparation steps you need to take before Grand Olympiad matches and detailed combat tactics against all 34 classes in Lineage 2

And if that’s not enough, you’ll find a Cheat Sheet PDF accompanying the guide which offers you ready-to-use builds for PvE, open PvP and Olympiad play styles on High Five, Freya, Gracia Epilogue and Final, and Interlude servers. That way you can instantly look up a Duelist build to match your server and demands, without reading the detailed information in the main guide. This Duelist Cheat Sheet alone is worth as much as the guide itself!


OK, it looks great, but how much is it going to cost me?

The effort and time it took to make this guide is easily worth as much as what other MMORPG guides charge, ranging from €49.99 up to €69.99, but I want to make this guide accessible to as many players as possible and help them become better in playing their Duelist characters. This is why I’m giving it away for just €19.99. Make sure to take advantage of this discount offer while it lasts.

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