Titan Character Build Guide


Starting with this Titan digital/PDF guide, my aim will be to provide a series of Character Build Guides for as many classes as possible. The guides will focus on pure game mechanics on how to set up your character rather than any gameplay tips, so they are ideal for those of you who want concise and practical information, without unnecessary explanations.

Destroyers evolve into Titans wielding massive swords or axes. They are powerful warriors that spearhead advance attacks and trample the enemy without reservation.

In the Titan guide you’ll find:

  • Weapons, Armor Sets and Jewelry
  • Dyes
  • Subclass Certification Skills
  • Attack and Defense Attributes
  • And more…

If you are playing or plan to play a Destroyer/Titan, and you want to take the best out of your character in terms of performance, this guide is for you.

Whether you’re playing PvE, Open PvP or Olympiad, or whether you play on a Goddess of Destruction, High Five, Freya, Gracia Epilogue or Gracia Final server, this guide covers all the modifications you can make to your character to exploit the full potential of the Titan class.

This guide will help you to:

  • Choose weapons, armor sets and accessories that work best for each Grade
  • Find dye combinations that work best in different situations
  • Select skill enchant routes to optimize your type of gameplay, be it PvE, Open PvP or Olympiad PvP
  • Learn which weapon and armor element attributes benefit you the most
  • Further boost your character with the most efficient subclass certification skills
  • Decide which weapon augment skills are most useful to your type of gameplay

The Lineage II Titan Class Character Build Guide focuses completely on game mechanics and does not dwell unnecessarily into gameplay tips. It is designed to just provide you with the information you need without having to read through walls of text.

The information is structured in a way that allows you to use the guide as a quick reference whenever you need help with anything related to selecting items or modifying your stats:

  • Separate sections to cover differences between game versions – the guide is compatible with Goddess of Destruction, High Five, Freya, Gracia Epilogue and Gracia Final
  • Separate sections for PvE, Open PvP and Olympiad PvP combat.

You can purchase this guide for just €9.99 and start to improve your Titan character immediately. The Lineage II Titan Class Character Build guide delivers the usual top-notch quality that are trademark for all of Mayu’s guides, without holding back any knowledge and expertise. By purchasing this guide you are automatically qualified to receive any future updates for free and get answers to any further questions you may have from the author himself.

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