Optimal Sub-Class Skills for Each Class Guide


This digital/PDF guide contains all you need to get the best out of your sub-classes and the skills you can get through sub-class certification, regardless of what character’s main class is.

Some of the things you’ll find inside are:

  • 5 different combinations of sub-class skills for each of the 34 classes in the game
  • Useful tips and in-depth view of sub-class skill mechanics
  • Suggested skills to take in case you have sub-classes already
  • Single page tables for each class, with optimal Emergent, Class-Specific and Master abilities
  • Quick-and-easy to use 1-click Table of Contents to get a solution for any class instantly

Looking for the best subclass skills for your main class? Today’s your lucky day… 

“Optimal Sub-Class Skills for Each Class – 5 Different Sub-Class Skill Combinations for Each of the 34 Classes In Lineage 2, for Any Situation”

The Lineage 2 Subclass Certification Guide That Will Unlock the Full Potential of Your Character’s Main Class

You Will Never Have to Waste Your Time Searching for the Perfect L2 Certification Skills Again!

Dear Lineage 2 Player:

No matter what class you play and whether you’ve taken your sub-classes already or are yet to choose them, this guide is going to provide you witheverything you need to fulfill the full potential of your character’s main class by adding the most efficient sub-class skills combination to it.

Regardless of what your gameplay consists the most of, be it PvP or PvE, solo or in parties, the Optimal Sub-Class Skills for Each Class guide has the ingredients to take your gameplay to the next level.

What benefits are in it for me?

Let’s have a look at some of the benefits you can enjoy with this guide:

  • Have a ready-to-use combination of sub-class skills for any situation you may face in the game
  • Learn of the internal mechanics of sub-class skills and how to make the best out of them
  • Have a quick and easy to use reference that only takes a single click to get a solution for all 34 classes in Lineage 2, for any gameplay situation
  • Put to good use existing sub-classes which you already leveled by selecting the mostappropriate sub-class abilities from each one, regardless of your main class
  • Get a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each class in the game in relation to what sub-class skills can benefit them the most
  • Use sub-class combinations that were tested and proven by the top players in the game fromAmerican, European, Russian and Korean servers


Here’s what some of the players who got the guide have said about it:

I really enjoy your subclass skills guide, got some great ideas out of it. It’s filled with useful information and tips.

It helped me improve my Duelist PVP build and instead of wasting time and adena testing different setup combos, it is much more worthwhile to use the info inside the guide.

by EasternSun

I was playing L2 for a while, but that subclass skills that i can apply on my main was something new and confusing to me, i was searching the internet for an answer what skills r better for my main class, how do i apply the skills and what do i need to do in order 2 gain the skills.

i seen some forums about it, but couldn’t find quality information since i have couple of main chars, and needed clues and directions how to get the best i can from what i have…

This guide helped me to understand what subclasses should i take on my mains, best combination for every char i have for any purpose i need (aka. PVE, PVP and combined).

The guide have all the possibilities in all the classes plus explanations. In another words The Guide got it ALL covered! Author did a grate job, and that very useful to me, and i hope it will be useful to you at least as it was to me.

by Koby Shtivelman

Five combinations per class

So what are the 5 combinations for each class exactly? Here’s the answer:

  1. Pure PvE – this combination is for most efficient hunting, focusing exclusively on offensive characteristics of your class so you can kill monsters as fast as possible
  2. Open PvP – for the serious PvPer who spends most of his/her time in open PvP battles like small scale fights, clan warfare and sieges
  3. Olympiad – if you are or want to be a regular participant in the Grand Olympiad and would like toimprove your chance of winning, especially in class-irrelevant matches
  4. Balanced – this combination opts to bring both PvE and PvP traits to your chosen class, with skills that can help in both types of gameplay
  5. Interchangeable – the final variation is prepared in a way that would allow you to switch between PvP and PvE builds without cancelling the sub-classes that you have and rerolling new ones. The only cost is 10 million Adena that it takes to remove your current sub-class skills before you retake your certificates and learn the alternative abilities.

As you can see I’ve aimed to cover all possible play styles that you may experience in the game and thus provide a solution for anyone. It’s fair to say there doesn’t exist the “perfect” combination, but you can easily take and use the provided sets of skills or come up with your own personal combination once you consider the suggested sub-class skills in the guide. It all depends on your preferences, equipment, server and so on.

Features and contents

Are you interested about the exact features and contents of the Optimal Sub-Class Skills for Each Class Guide? Here’s a quick run down:

  • 5 Combinations per class, for each of the 34 classes in Lineage 2 (up to Gracia Epilogue)- Dreadnought, Duelist, Phoenix Knight, Hell Knight, Adventurer, Sagittarius, Archmage, Soultaker, Arcana Lord, Cardinal, Hierophant, Eva’s Templar, Sword Muse, Wind Rider, Moonlight Sentinel, Mystic Muse, Elemental Master, Eva’s Saint, Shillien Templar, Spectral Dancer, Ghost Hunter, Ghost Sentinel, Storm Screamer, Spectral Master, Shillien Saint, Titan, Grand Khavatari, Dominator, Doomcryer, Fortune Seeker, Maestro, Doombringer, Soul Hound (male), Soul Hound (female), Trickster
  • Useful Introduction section that covers ALL you need to know about sub-class skill certification, including a few tips on Divine Transformations as well
  • What sub-class abilities are best for Fighter and Mystic classes for PvE in general
  • Easy to use Table of Contents with 1-click page links that bring you instantly to the 5 combination table for the class of your choice
  • Exact EmergentClass-Specific and Master Abilities for each of the 3 sub-classes you can take
  • Suggested skills which you can take for any of your existing sub-classes you want to keep instead of rerolling new ones
  • Single page tables for each class to speed up the process of chosing your sub-classes and skills

Sounds good, but how much would it cost me?

How much do you think your time and resources are worth when you spend them on searching on Googlebrowsing L2 forums for an answer, sorting out “expert” opinions, rerolling new sub-classes when old ones don’t work out andthe frustration which all that can bring (or has brought already)?

I don’t know about you but I’ve seen countless players asking for simple tips regarding sub-class skills and all they received was bad advice or nothing at all. It’s about time all that information is put into one compact quick-and-easy-to-use guide for anyone who needs it.

This guide serves it all on a silver plate for you ONLY this time at the cost of just €14.99. With it you are also given the option to sign up to the guide’s notification email list so you can be sent free guide updates for a year. In addition, you will get personal help from the author to any questions you have regarding Lineage 2.

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