All Paladin and Phoenix Knight Players, Rejoice! Character Build Guide for You Has Just Been Released!

The wait is finally over! I’m happy to announce the second guide in the character build guide series has just been finished and ready up for grabs! The Phoenix Knight Character Build Guide focuses on all the important bits that you need to be strong in any possible gameplay situation. Visit the following page to learn more:

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Mayu’s Lineage II Titan Class Character Build Guide Has Been Released

I’m pleased to announce that the first guide in a series dedicated specifically to character builds has been released. It covers the Titan class and you can find more about it here:

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New Lineage II GoD Dyes Article

To help Goddess of Destruction players figure out what Dyes they want to use after Awakening their character at level 85, I’ve made a new article explaining how new Dyes work and provided a full list of all the available options, for each level of each of the Giant, Ancient and Legendary Dyes.

Click here to read the full article.

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Ultimate Warlord Guide v2.0 Released – Updated to High Five – One Week Promotion!

I’m happy to announce that my Ultimate Warlord Guide has finally been updated to cover all the Lineage 2 changes in Freya and High Five. To celebrate the release, I’m running a one week promotional period during which you can get the guide for a 50% discount price.

If you’re wonder what’s new in the guide, here’s a quick run-down of the most important changes:

  • Full update to bring the guide up to date with Freya and High Five
  • Rewritten many paragraphs for better wording and making it easier to understand
  • Added new skills and skill descriptions
  • New class mechanics section that covers the changes in polearm number of targets and reuse times of WL skills
  • Updated and extended Weapons, Armor and Jewelry sections to cover all items up to S84-Grade
  • New tips for attack and defense attributes to cover the change in attribute system since Freya
  • Rewritten skill enchant and added new enchant routes for some skills that work better
  • Added the complete subclass certification skill section for Warlord from my Optimal Subclass Skills guide
  • Removed unnecessary gameplay paragraphs, rewritten both PvE and PvP sections to cover new buff options
  • More tips for PvP to include Rush and Rush Impact on HF, and extended some of class match up tips
  • Adjusted the making money section to reflect the change in guide’s price and affiliate commission

If you want to find out more and take advantage of the promotion discount while it lasts, go to the Ultimate Lineage 2 Warlord Guide page.

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Lineage 2 Macros and Player Commands Guide is Online – Download it for Free!

Lineage 2 Macros are can be very useful when used properly, so I decided to write a short guide which covers up the basics of player commands and the macro system, then presents a couple of PvE and PvP macro examples.

That way you can get a clue of what’s possible with the L2 macro system and get ideas for making your own set of macros.

Get a copy of theĀ L2 Macros and Player Commands Guide for free now!

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Lineage 2 Attribute System Complete Guide is Updated to Include Freya and High Five Changes

I’m pleased with the update to my Attribute System article to cover all the changes done in Freya and High Five, as well as adding a section on PvE and Servitors attribute calculations.

You can also see a comparative graph for the differences between pre- and post-Freya attribute damage bonus breakpoints, and the specifics of the 3 attribute slots per armor piece.

Visit Lineage 2 Attribute System Guide – Updated to Freya and High Five now!

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