Phoenix Knight Character Build Guide

This digital/PDF guide is for all aspiring Paladin and Phoenix Knight players, focusing on the so important character builds that allow you to get the maximum out of any in-game situation.

These hallowed Paladins worship the god of light to protect their lord and uphold justice. Phoenix Knights use healing spells invoked by the blessing of the god of light. They are guardian knights who fight to protect fellow knights rather than to kill the enemy.

Included are detailed tips for:

  • The best equipment for each grade
  • Efficient Dye combos
  • Subclass Certification Skills that work best depending on chosen play role
  • Choice of Attack and Defense Attributes
  • And a lot more…

Learn How to Unlock the Divine Force Hidden Within!

Whether you are a seasoned Paladin/Phoenix Knight player or just starting out, this guide can help you learn and explore all the important factors which make the difference between winning and losing in PvE and PvP combat. Achieving maximum performance for a given situation is what makes or breaks a character build, so if that’s an area you’ve been struggling with, you’ve come to the right place.

The Phoenix Knight class combines insane amounts of defense and resistance, which is perfect for tanking in Raids, PvE and PvP, but at the same time it also offers decent DPS capabilities which can really help kill enemies if used correctly. While you can try and balance between the two extremes, it is often most efficient to focus on just one play style and excel there. The tips I share in this guide cover both of those play styles, DPS and tanking, so regardless of how you play your character, you can find the thing that works for you.

What’s more, it doesn’t matter whether you play retail servers or not, because I’ve covered all the specific differences in builds for Goddess of Destruction, High Five, Freya, Gracia Epilogue or Gracia Final servers. In fact, even if you play on Interlude (and I know many of you do), the tips in this guide will still serve you well for most part, particularly those related to the Gracia Final version of Lineage II.

Still wondering whether this guide is for you or not? Why not simply consider if you need help with any of the following:

  • Choose the right weapons, armor sets, jewelry and so on equipment items for each Grade, depending on your play style
  • Come up with Dye combinations that give you the best stats balance in each specific combat situation
  • Select skill enchantment paths that work well with your chosen role in PvE or PvP
  • Learn how to come up with the most appropriate weapon and armor attributes
  • Push the limits further by using the right subclass certification skills
  • Figure out which weapon augment skills are worth keeping

As can be expected from such a guide, it focuses strictly on stats and skills modification to provide an overall strong character build. This means almost no gameplay, Quest, leveling and other tips that only deviate from the topic.

The concise construction of the guide means you can use it as a reference whenever you have trouble deciding over something, without having to go through pages of text. Easy to follow and read tables contain the majority of the information, structured in a logical manner, and separated into sections whenever necessary to point out differences between L2 versions, as well as for each different gameplay role you may find yourself into.

I’ve always aimed to make my guides as affordable as possible, so the pricing of this guide is no exception to that. You can get your PDF copy for only €9.99 and start reading it right away, taking advantage of the information inside it without any delays. Not only that, but you are also automatically signed up for any future updates of the guide free of any additional charges, and are qualified to receive personal help from me by simply sending an email with your questions regarding your character.

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